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 Sec Description DSL+ Dial Up PDF
A Chassis 84K 30K 270K
B Body 504K 90K 2,800K
C Front Suspension 284K 44K 1,400K
D Rear Suspension 228K 29K 1,400K
E Engine 2,310K 122K 8,500K
F Transmission 1,390K 80K 8,700K
G Hubs, Wheels & Tyres 112K 25K 500K
H Steering 200K 30K 1,200K
J Brakes 256K 46K 1,800K
K Cooling System 136K 28K 800K
L Fuel System 432K 64K 3,300K
M Electrical Equipment 920K 130K 4,600K
M1 Wiring Diagrams 8K 8K 900K
O Lubrication & Maintenance 160K 31K 600K
P Heating & Ventilation 72K 16K 400K
Q Clutch 204K 21K 900K
S Exhaust 100K 13K 600K
TSP Technical Specifications 31K 31K 800K
DWG Dimensional Drawings 250K 9K N/A
High speed and dial up Sections are identical except that dial up does not include inline images.