Structural Dimensions

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The following diagrams have been extracted from the Lotus Europa Workshop Manual and consolidated on this indexed page. Clicking on any diagram will take you to the section of the workshop manual from which it originates for your further research or information. Some of these diagrams have been 'cleaned up' for clarity of display, and while we have attempted to maintain both the content and context of the presentation, your existing hard copy should be consulted if there is any apparent variation in the on-screen image.
Sec Fig Description
A 2 General Dimensions of the Chassis Unit
C 14 Steering Arm
C 15 Vertical Link
C 16 Upper Wishbone Trailing Half
C 17 Lower Wishbone Half
C 18 Upper Wishbone Leading Half
D 12 Lower Link
D 13 Radius Arm
H 7 Steering Unit