June 2006 Activity Log

S1A - I have nearly completed the wiring diagram for 460355. As I create the diagram I'm
posting it here.

S1A - I've been working on the wiring harness for the past few days with a goal of creating an accurate wiring diagram.
    - First I removed the harness from the frame by carefully threading everyting into the central tunnel while slowly extracting the harness through the top.
    - Once the harness was removed I mounted it on a 4 x 8 foot piece of plywood so I could trace each wire.

All of the photos I've taken to date are here.

S1A - Took some more photos of the fiberglass section that I cut out to remove the frame. There were a few photos of my S2 in the camera so I included them.

All of the photos I took today are here.

S2 - I've been putzing around with the S2 for the past few days. Took care of some annoying little things.
    - Adjusted the shift linkage for better 1st and 3rd.
    - Retarded the timing slightly to eliminate pinging under hard acceleration.
    - Installed a hose between the passenger side face level vent and the plenum chamber.
    - Installed the interior courtesy light cover.
    - Have driven more the past few days "testing" than during the past six months.

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