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This site is dedicated to the documentation and preservation of the Lotus Europa Sports Car.

During your visit, be sure to check out the following:

Online Europa Knowledgebase
    The Online Europa Knowledgebase contains a searchable Q&A database containing 90,000+ messages spanning more than ten years. Topics discussed range from Airboxes to Zetec conversions and nearly anything between. Select from recent search terms or enter a word or phrase to discover what's been said.

Manuals and Technical Information
    The Manuals and Technical Information section contains parts and workshop manuals, wiring diagrams, and many more helpful documents. The information is available both online and on a free CD.

Parts Cross Reference
    The Parts Cross Reference is an online searchable database of parts, cross referenced to other vehicles where known. Links to known parts suppliers are included. The Parts Cross Reference is continually updated as new information is discovered.

Europa Registry
    A registry, by model and chassis number, of all Europas. Please include your Europa.

Things you should know about lotus-europa.com

  • Advertising:
    • In order to make lotus-europa.com known to more current and prospective Europa owners, I purchase advertising on search engines. To partially defray the costs associated with the advertising campaign, I display advertising for other sites.

  • Ebay Archives:
    • Ebay archives have been moved to an offline archival system. If you are looking for an archived ebay listing, contact me.

  • Photos:
    • Most photos on this site have been reduced to 640 x 480 (unless they were already smaller) and have been saved as .jpg files at 50% compression. This is to conserve server space and bandwidth, and to decrease download time for dial-up connections.
    • Many of the photos were contributed at higher resolution and I retain them in my archives. If there is a particular photo that you need in higher resolution, let me know and I'll either email it or upload it temporarily so you can see it.
    • Note: This policy was instituted in 2006 when bandwidth and storage space were limited. As both became more available, I have begun to include more full-size photos. As time allows, I will upload full-size images to replace those reduced earlier.

  • Registry:
    • There are links on many registry entries.
      • Any chassis number appearing directly beneath the words "This Update:" is a link to the entry.
      • If the owner has a web site or a web presence, the chassis number is a link to their page.
      • The owners name is a link to their email address if I have it on file.
      • The Color/Condition field may contain miscellaneous links. If the word "Photos" appears, it is a link to archived photos stored on the lotus-europa.com server.

  • Site updates:
    • Site updates happen many times each day. I will endeavor to post update information on the home page, but I don't always remember. For this reason, it may be prudent to click your browser "Refresh" button occasionally.

    Questions or suggestions should be addressed to dan@lotus-europa.com

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