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Lotus Special Tools And Parts

  • Renault engine cylinder head alignment U-gauge from Steve Veris. - New
    • OEM left, reproduction right..

  • Door Hinge Wrenches from Jim Bobowski.
    • These are the tools needed to align and tighten the doors for Lotus Europas. The wrenches will fit inside the doors and allow you to tighten the large nuts on the top and bottom of the hinges. The flat tool will hold the sleeve (as shown) so it doesn't rotate as you tighten the nuts. You need all 3 in order to adjust/tighten the hinges. (The door hinge in the photos is not included, it is for illustrative purposes only)

  • Brightwork Strip/Insertion Tool.

  • Differential Bearing Adjustment Nut tool (46F6179).
    • I personally bought one of these from Very nice quality! Contact him for current price.
      • Occasionally offered on ebay.
    • Available from Pep Boys as "Performance tool W1270". Note that this tool only contacts six teeth on the nut.
    • Has been homemade from PVC pipe.

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