September 2004 Activity Log

Stopped by the body shop today. They have completed cutting in around the doors, hood and trunk and will seal the entire body by Friday. I'll take some photos to update this stite on Friday after the sealer is applied. The manager says the car should go to final paint next week.

Unpacked the goodies from Summit and Jegs today. Installed the 6AN adapters in the canister filter, fuel pump and regulator. There is a lot of discussion on the web about whether to use Teflon tape on NPT threads. I chose to do so, but was very careful to leave the bottom two or three threads clear so the tape couldn't be cut off and enter the fuel system.

The Holley 1-4 PSI pressure regulator that I received had a mounting bracket and bolts to mount the bracket to the regulator but the holes in the regulator were not tapped. The provided bolts were too small for the holes so I tapped the holes with a 1/4 " x 20 tap and used some bolts I had on hand. It seems to me poor quality control on the part of Holley. The regulator looks cheap so I'll be interested to see how it works when I get it installed and adjusted. The instructions that came with it were for Holley fuel pumps and regulators but, other than a photo of the regulator, they did not mention it at all.

Today the body shop sprayed primer on the boot cover the engine cover and the outside of the doors. They keep finding small spots that need filled when they sand the primer. It looks like they have found almost all of the spots now and the car should go to paint very soon.

Received the Summit and Jegs orders today. Jegs substituted the 1/8" NPT Russell Clear Flow fuel filter, for the one with 6AN connections because Russell has discontinued the 6AN version. I need to order two 1/8" to 6AN adapters so I can plumb the filter into the fuel system.

Received an email on 9/22/04 from Paul Yaw at Yawpower stating that the gauges were out of stock. Spent a long time searching for another source of 0-5 PSI gauges with pulsation restrictors. Found and ordered a couple of 2.5" gauges with 1/4 NPT bottom mount ($22.97 + shipping) and one 2.5 gauge with 1/4 NPT rear mount ($24.05 + shipping). Lead-time is about three weeks but I'm not going to be ready to do the fuel system that soon anyway. Placed the order on the phone, as their web order system is not secure.

Update 12/30/09 - The gauges never arrived and my card was never billed. Still have not installed the electric fuel pump, so I'll have to look for a gauge eventually.

Called Ray at R.D. Enterprises, Ltd. and ordered twelve door panel clips and twelve receivers. Also ordered six expanding fasteners for inside the glove pocket area of the door.

Ordered the following parts for the fuel system:

Summit 10 micron canister fuel filter with 3/8 NPT input and output ports. This filter will connect to the output of the fuel tank to catch any particles before they get to the fuel pump.

Carter 7 PSI street/strip rotary vane fuel pump with 1/4 NPT input and output ports. The fuel pump will connect to the output of the canister filter.

Holley 1-4 PSI pressure regulator with one 3/8 NPT input port and two 3/8 NPT output ports. Will plumb one port to the inline filter then to the Weber carb and cap the other port.

Russell Clear Flow fuel filter, with 6AN connections for input and output. This filter is to protect the carburetor from contaminants that might be introduced by a broken fuel pump impeller or broken regulator diaphragm. It will go in the line between the regulator and the carburetor and will also provide visual verification of fuel flow.

Mr. Gasket 15 PSI fuel pump safety switch that will turn the pump off if the oil pressure drops below 15 PSI.

Dual carburetor return spring to replace the dual spring kluge the PO installed.

Two 1/4 NPT to 6AN fittings to adapt the Carter fuel pump to the 6AN hose I'll be using.

Five 3/8 NPT to 6AN fittings to adapt the canister filter and Holley regulator to the 6AN hose I'll be using.

I did not order any 6AN hose or hose ends, as I don't know how much I'll need until I determine the best location for the filter, pump and regulator. I'll also order parts to complete installation of the fuel pressure gauge once the gauge arrives and I determine where it will mount.

Searched the Internet and found "Yawpower" in Phoenix, AZ offering a 0-5 PSI fuel pressure gauge. It isn't liquid filled but it is snubbed which should mean less needle jitter than a gauge that isn't snubbed. At any rate, I ordered the gauge and will post some photos when I receive it.
NOTE 9/23/04 - They were out of stock so I ordered from another company on 9/23/04.

Started accumulating parts for the fuel system. I'm going to use 6AN braided stainless steel hose to plumb the system. Today I ordered a 12MM x 1.5 Weber Carb to 6AN adapter and a package of 7/16" aluminum crush washers from Pegasus Racing. I plan to install a canister filter from the fuel tank, a Carter fuel pump and a Holley 1-4 PSI regulator to an inline filter and a fuel pressure gauge. I'd like to find a 0-5 PSI liquid-filled gauge but so far the smallest I've found is 0-15 PSI.

Stopped at the body shop on the way to work. They have had the car for 5 weeks now and nothing much has happened in the past 11 days. Talked with the owner who promised to get the car painted this week.

Polished the chrome on the used taillights to remove the green paint overspray and applied a good coat of paste wax. The chrome on these Arizona lights is very nice. There is virtually no pitting unlike the ones that were on my car. Moved the socket and the reflector from one of my lights to replace one that was damaged on the used lights. Rewired the lights to match the connectors that are on my Europa wiring harness and tested the lamps.

The body shop manager called today to tell me that he had just completed painting the car with DuPont Uroprime urethane primer/filler. On the way home I stopped at the shop to look at it. The car looks a lot different with the primer/filler applied. Tomorrow he will shoot the doors, hood and trunk lid with the primer/filler and once everything has cured, he will sand and seal it. He estimates that the car should go to final paint next week when he will shoot it with the color coat(s) and the clear coat. It looks like it's going to be a real knockout when it's done.


Received the used taillights from Matt Wilder today. The chrome appears to be excellent and the green paint overspray is loose so it should polish off. Will work on them tonight or tomorrow morning.

Stopped by the body shop today to check on progress. They completed all bodywork and sanding and have ordered DuPont Uroprime primer/filler. They will shoot the entire car with the primer/filler, sand, seal then spray the Millennium Yellow base and clear coats. Looks like it will be finished the week after next if all goes as expected.
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