March 2006 Activity Log

S1A - Removed the alternator, swirl pot, muffler, header pipe and all water hoses.

All of the photos I took today are here.

S2 - Last time I took the S2 out for a drive a friend saw me and said there was smoke from the exhaust. Today I took it out again and I noticed a small amount of smoke in the rear view mirror as I was leaving a traffic light. After I came home I ran the car in the driveway for a while and tried to duplicate the smoke with no success. Will investigate further at a later date.

S1A - Continued disassembly at the front of the car today. Removed the windshield washer motor and mechanism, washer nozzle and washer bag. The washer bag hose runs from the bag, into a
grommet at the front of the frame then out a grommet at the top of the frame in front of the gear shift lever (behind the dash) and to the windshield wiper switch.

I also drained the cooling system and removed the radiator, radiator fan and stone guard. Interesting note: It looks like there has never been a nut or washer installed on the top left radiator fan mounting stud.

All of the photos I took today are here.

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