January 2004 Activity Log


Received the used swirl pot today. Added it to my pile of goodies to be installed soon.

Found a used S2 swirl pot on the lotuseuropa list. Plan to cut it in half, rotate the outlet 90 degrees counter clockwise, then weld it back together. Will then relocate the gas tank catch-can and re-route the coolant hose along the left of the car to eliminate the clutter around the velocity stacks on the carb. This will give me a lot more room to mount the new air cleaner over the stacks.

Moved the Europa so I could get the first coat of paint on the walls and ceiling. Rearranged the garage so the snowplow is at the door and the Europa is behind it as the weather guessers are talking about accumulating snow on Thursday. Sure be happy when spring gets here!


Here's how the Europa engine bay looked when I bought it. The loose battery can be seen in the upper right. My first project will be to get it tied down, then I'll work on organizing the hoses and wires.

Took a picture of the Europa engine and car ID tags to add to my files.


Took a picture of the Europa transmission ID tag to add to my files.

Finally got the Europa moved back into the garage today. Will move it again when I get ready to paint the garage, but it was good to get behind the wheel.
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