December 2003 Activity Log

Have noticed that after 0716R sits for a week or so, it takes a lot of cranking to get it started. Suspect that an electric fuel pump would solve the problem so have added it to my to do list.

Put the Dakota in the shop for an oil change/lube before snowplowing season begins. Starting to sheetrock the garage tomorrow so decided to drive 0716R today. Caused a minor scene when I drove 0716R to the Dodge dealer to pay for the Dakota repair and everyone vacated the dealership to look at the Europa! Put the Porsche cover on the Europa so it can spend the next few days outside while the garage gets finished.

Received the turn/brake lamps, plastic chrome surround strip for the windshield and 4 spark plugs (NGK BP6ES) that I ordered from GT Classics on 11/13/03. Added all to the large pile of goodies to be installed when I get the garage project finished.

Good thing I moved the snow plow to the front of the garage. We had 6"-8" of snow last night and I had to plow the parking lot at work. I don't plow other parking lots, just my lot, and the driveways of a few customers who happen to be on the way to work. Don't need the additional wear on the Dakota from professional plowing.

Moved 0716R to the back of the garage today so I could get the snow plow greased and ready for a possible snow storm the weather guessers are forecasting this weekend. We had 6" of snow on 12/5/02 so early snow is a real possibility for us.
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