August 2006 Activity Log

S1A - Cut out the rusted section on the bottom of the front box and welded in new 16 gauge steel.
Still a couple of patches to make before the frame will be ready for paint.

Took these photos today:

S1A - Too hot today (94°F and 92% humidity) to do any work on the frame. Stopped by Stromberg Sheet Metal Works in Beltsville (301-931-1000) and picked up a 36" x 12" piece of 16 gauge steel to make patches when the weather breaks.

S1A - Picked up the frame from Chem Strip in Upper Marlboro, Md. (301) 420-9112. They did an excellent job, on time and for the price they quoted. It's nice to find a business that delivers on it's promises.

Now that the frame is stripped, I can see a couple of spots on the bottom of the front box section that will need cut out and repaired. Tomorrow, if the weather is cool enough, I'll clean the protective oil they coated it with and start welding in replacement panels.

Took a some photos of the stripped frame.

S1A - Took the frame to Chem Strip in Upper Marlboro, Md. today to have it chemically stripped. It will be ready in about a week to ten days and will cost $250.00. There are low resolution "before" photos here and high-resolution "before" photos here. I'll post photos f the results when it's finished.
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