The Hermes Performance Upgrade

Information about and photos of the Hermes Renault engine performance upgrade

From an email I received on 12/02/2012:

Hi, I came across the site for Hermes and, if it could be helpful in some way, I just wanted to let you know that I was the tuning mechanic for Hermes up to the point when it folded.
It is many years ago now but it was one of the more interesting jobs I've had and I still remember quite a bit about it. I also worked for "Mike the Pipe" for a while too.


Kent Shelley - email

Hermes brochure thanks to: Ray Bisordi.
Hermes Brochure Page 1 Hermes Brochure Page 2 Hermes Brochure Page 3 Hermes Brochure Page 4

Hermes road test from Motor magazine - May 22, 1971: Scanned at
Hermes Road Test Page 1 Hermes Road Test Page 2 Hermes Road Test Page 3

Hermes road test and photos thanks to: Ray Bisordi.
Hermes Road Test
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