December 2006 Activity Log

S2 - Removed the brake master cylinder to rebuild it. Disassembled the unit and polished the inside bore with 400 grit paper soaked in brake fluid. Replaced the seals and tipping valve, libricated the bore and push rod cup behind the primary piston (non fluid side) with a very small amout of white lithium grease and reassembled the unit. Refilled with DOT-5 Silicone Fluid and tested by pumping the pushrod and obeserving the fluid squirt from the Bundy connection ports. Will leave the unit alone for a couple of days to see if any leakage occurs before reinstalling it in the car.

Note: The tipping valve nut requires a 1/2" hex wrench which I didn't have and couldn't find at any of the local hardware shops. Luckily, I had a
set of easy-outs and one had a 1/2" hex drive, so I inserted it into the nut and drove it with a 1/2" deep socket. Worked like a charm.

All of the photos I took today are here.

S2 - I've completed the
Federal S2 wiring diagram and started to reinstall the dash.
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