April 2004 Activity Log

Unable to find lug nuts for the "GB" wheels anywhere. Discussed the situation with Lee Brown (the only other Europa owner I've located with the same wheels) who told me he had a machine shop make some for him. Installed a modified nut I purchased from Bean and took an original to John at K & K Machine in Glen Burnie, Md. (410-636-7470). He will use it as a pattern to create some copies. Price will be $20.00 each and it will take 3 weeks to complete the job.

Bought two 1/4" FIP caps at Home Depot. Drilled a single pin hole in each cap and screwed them onto the 1/4" hose barb to 1/4" MIP adapters attached the fuel and water catch can overflows. Hope the hole is large enough to let the respective systems breathe and small enough that the odor of fuel is reduced significantly or eliminated. Will monitor both systems closely and unscrew the caps if there are any problems.

Discovered a small leak at the clamp that secures the vent petcock to the small hose from the water pump to the rear of the engine. Must have started leaking when I bled air from the petcock after replacing the swirl pot. Replaced the clamp and drove around for about 45 minutes. Filled the gas tank for only the second time since the Europa came to live with me. Getting much more comfortable with reliability, and extending the trips farther from home. Need to make a tool kit for emergency road repairs. Still need to do something about a spare tire and jack before I get too far from home.

Removed the old swirl pot, heater valve and associated hoses. Installed the modified swirl pot and new radiator hoses. Bypassed the heater until I get ready to install the new electronic heater valve. Drove around the neighborhood for 10 minutes then idled in the driveway for 20 minutes and found no leaks. Removed the velocity stacks from the Weber carburetor, Installed the K&N filter base, then re-installed the stacks and covered everything with the K&N filter element and cover. Surprising how much space there is now that the swirl pot and radiator hose is rerouted.

Drove the Europa to work today. Took the scenic route going and coming back home. Put about 40 minutes on the new catch can system and everything worked as expected. The PO had removed the charcoal canister and plugged the vent hose with a screw, which apparently reduced the orifice in the hose so that there were very few fuel fumes. Now that there is 1/4" hose from the overflow through the catch can and out the bottom of the car there is a slight-but-noticeable odor of fuel, especially when parked in the garage. Luckily, I planned a method to reduce the fumes. I'll buy a 1/4" FIP cap at Home Depot, drill a very small hole in it, and cap the 1/4" hose barb to 1/4" MIP adapter that is attached to the catch can overflow.

Ran red hose from the fuel tank overflow and blue hose from the swirl pot overflow to the catch cans I mounted yesterday. Drilled two 1/2" holes in the bottom of the body and screwed two brass 1/4" hose barb to 1/4" MIP adapters into the holes. Connected the overflow of each catch can to the adapters to complete installation of the catch cans. Left a little extra hose for the modified swirl pot I will install later.

While I had the camera out I took a photo of the adjustable drop link and adjustable lower link installed by Jerry Blaine in the mid 1980's.


Painted the fiberglass on the left and rear inside of the engine bay. Mounted the fuel (red) and water (blue) catch cans behind the left rear wheel. I will plumb the system later today or tomorrow. Need a couple of barbed adapters and some stainless hardware from Home Depot.


Took the crash pad I removed from 0716R last month to Kevin's Auto Upholstery (301-498-2003) in Laurel to have it recovered. He will recover it with "Black Sierra" Naugahyde with a French seam on the front. It will cost $90.00 and should be ready by April 16th. I'll post some photos when its finished.

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