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1967  Europa  S1  46-0363 Second Europa, in pieces, being restored.
1969  Europa  S2  54-0995 First Europa, this is all I have left.
1973  Europa  TCS  74-3115R Third Europa, driving today.
PT Cruiser Convertible The wife's new car
2006 Elise Next.. ?   No, not the Type 72, but the Elise.
Introduction The reason why
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Dalton F.Dalton - Europa TC Cosworth + Europa S1
Beyer E.Beyer - Duratec, Zetec, Honda S2000. + J.Zender Europa Duratec
Davis W.Davis - Previous owner of 3115R
Colin Chapman Colin finishes second, and 4 other pages
Starter Europa comic drawings
Robbedoes Europa comic drawings 2
1969  Europa  S2 Early S2 - owner unknown
Frame 46-0363 Rusted Frame, what came out
Marcel Frame 46-0363 New Frame, what went in