1967  Lotus  Europa  S1  460363
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June  26,  2005
I hate sanding...  The previous owner loved pink body filler. From what I see, he thought you could repair fibreglas cracks just by adding more pink body filler


June  25,  2005
0363 is up in the air. Took a lot of slugging to get it up, don't ask me how I'm going to get it down. And yes, I know if I had one of them newfangled four post lift things, it would have been childsplay, but... ;-(    Anyway, now I can get back to work on the bottom.


June  04,  2005
Scraped off more paint and undercoating from inside the wheelwells, used a razor blade. Damn slow job. Going to start sanding the interior and filling-fixing the body. Got to get this project moving again.

May  17,  2005


March  26,  2005
Hmmm.   Let's draw up a plan and figure out what's really involved in doing this....

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