1967  Lotus  Europa  S1  460363
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April  10,  2004
Went back to the rivnuts in the front plenum chamber and did them correct this time. Also popped
in a couple of rivnuts in the dashboard to see if that will work. It does. But I will use pop-rivets
underneath to secure the body to the bottom of the frame. Takes a while to install the rivnuts.


March  28,  2004
Drilling holes to attach the body to the frame. Tried to used the rivnuts in the front plenum chamber.
Naw, this ain't going to work.  Rivnuts don't have enough crush to accomodate the fibreglass and the frame.
And now that I have typed this, I just remembered my original idea, drill the fibreglass to clear the head of the rivnut,
so the rivnut only has to crush in the frame, compared to the frame and the fibreglass. That is what I thought of before,
why didn't I try that?  Getting old, I guess. Will one more time before succumbing to bolts and nuts.
Impossible to get access fo the nuts inside the frame. Trying to avoid using regular rivets.
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