1973  Lotus  Europa  TC  Special  74-3115R
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December  28,  2003
Snowed. The snow will be gone in a day or two. Had to clean the Chrysler,
so switched places with 3115R. Looks nice, but don't dare take it for a SPIN.  Later.


December  14,  2003
Raining. Did some maintenance on 3115R; oil, coolant, bled the radiator, redid some wiring,
and added LED brake lights at the rear to make sure people behind see me.


November  30,  2003
Went for a drive in the country. Click on below pic for more...


November  23,  2003
Rain. rain, rain. Decided the tires needed cleaning, so took the TCS to do a few errands.

November  08,  2003
Sunny morning. Life is good.

November  07,  2003
Sunny afternoon, split from work early. Went home, changed cars. Went for drive in the TCS.

October  26,  2003
Nice sunny day. Gone for a drive.


October  21,  2003
Still raining. Really raining, Monsoon is more like it.
Found some new rubber bushings for the anti rollbar at the bottom of the front shocks.
Lot better, no clang-clang. Drove 3115R for an hour on Sunday when the sun came out.
Yup, still works. Yup, very nice.

October  14,  2003
Cold morning in Vancouver.   5c/41f.  But it warmed up afterwards...  so I washed, cut, and waxed 3115R.
This the before pic.  3115R spent the night out, as I was busy cleaning the garage.


October  12,  2003
Gearshift linkage rebuilt. Changed cam cover gasket, oil filter, oil change.
Cleaned up engine area. Lubed cables. Secured battery. Switched thermostat to 82c.


October  10,  2003
S1 + TCS sleeping together.
As soon as I finish some minor maintenance issues (gear linkage, oil leak) on the TCS,
I will start work on the S1 again, after an extended hiatus.


October  03,  2003
With the help of my father on his annual pilgrimage to the new world,
we figured out and redid the wiring for the radiator fan, sensor and override switch. It works!
I now have one switch and two LED lamps. The green run lamp tells me when the sensor kicks the fan on.
If I throw the override switch, both green and red lamps come on. Neat.


August  29,  2003
Replaced leaking heater valve and dead temp sender at engine.
Harley-Porsche dude found a Chapman name plate one day and threw in my direction.
Wonder what it's from? www.chapman-leonard.com


June  24,  2003
So, I simply got frustrated working on the S1. It seemed like it was taking forever with not much progress.
The weather was excellent in Vancouver and I wanted a Europa to drive. A 1973 TCS came on the market.
I though about it for a couple of weeks, then finally bit the bullet and arranged to purchase it.
3115R ("Skateboard") is a very reliable driver and well put together by its previous owner. Thank You, WD.

The PO and I drove it 1500 miles from San Diego to Canada. Good drive, and great company,
very enjoyable, nice break from work. Bit of a hassle at Customs, but eventually got through.
Then took the car through an inspection before I could get BC plates.
It passed after the second time, and bought real insurance the same day.



Advertisement from the year that 3115R was manufactured


The soul of 3115R. Great kisser, but has tendency to irritate women.

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