Photos of my former S1A #460355

My Europa S2 #0716R

12/20/08. Sold S1A (460355) to Briggs Pletcher. Now I have room to work on my first, and only remaining Europa.

6/15/08 - Took photos of the headlight bucket attachment screws & speed nuts.

6/15/08 - Took photos of the e-brake "Y" cable attachment clips.

3/10/08 - Took photos of a seatbelt attachment bolt.

1/12/08 - Took photos of the dipstick.

1/10/08 - Took photos of a stub axle.

12/14/07 - Received the refurbished instruments from Nisonger about a week ago.

11/09/07 - Disassembled and took some photos of the flexible brake hoses and ashtray.

11/07/07 - Disassembled and took some photos of the heater box.

6/27/07 - Received the new dash and glove box panels from Prestige Autowood.

06/18/07 - Painted the steering column. Cleaned and tested all switches.

06/15/07 - Disassembled and cleaned the steering column and wheel.

06/01/07 - Sold S1B (460586) to make room in my garage.

05/02/07 - Took photos of holes in the belly pan.

04/02/07 - Took photos of the lower wishbone shock and lower link mounting holes.

03/31/07 - Created two ramps to elevate the S1A body over the S1B.

03/30/07 - Measured the bolts in the Right rear hub carrier.

03/29/07 - Disassembled and measured the components of the left front shock and ball joint.

03/19/07 - Disassembled and measured the components of the left front trunnion.

03/03/07 - Cleaned the fuel tank so I can ship it to be a pattern for a new aluminum tank.

11/09/06 - Recovered the door hinge stub that fell into the right door sill when I removed the door.

10/26/06-11/11/06 Stripping the paint. Engine cover and rear.

10/13/06-10/15/06 Stripping the paint. Left and right sides.

9/15/06-9/12/06 - Stripping the paint. Front and right quarter.

9/3/06-9/9/06 - Reparing and painting the frame.

8/24/06 - Frame is back from the stripper.

7/4/06 - Took photos of the temperature and oil pressure senders.

6/22/06 - Began creating a wiring diagram from the harness.

6/14/06 - Took some additional photos of the fiberglass.

5/30/06 - Photos of the frame before stripping.

5/29/06 - Built a dolly to support the car.

5/24/06 - Stripped the wiring harness, brake lines, e-brake from the frame.

5/22/06 - Removed the frame from the body.

5/21/06 - Continued cutting the frame from the body.

5/20/06 - Cut the fiberglass surrounding the right and left front corner of the frame.

5/10/06 - Removed the radius arms and coolant transfer pipes this afternoon.

5/1/06 - Removed all of the upholstery and the seat belts.

4/30/06 - Removed the pedal assembly, accelerator pedal and hand brake.

4/29/06 - Removed the shift mechanism, windshield, demister vents and heater.

4/25/06 - Removed the steering rack, brake master cylinder front brake lines.

4/24/06 - Disassembled the left front.

4/20/06 - Disassembled the right front suspension.

4/19/06 - Completed rear suspension disassembly.

4/13/06 - Disassembled the right rear suspension.

4/11/06 - Removed the engine and transmission.

4/10/06 - Disconnected the shift mechanism from the engine.

4/1/06 - Disconnected more wiring and cables from the engine.

3/15/06 - Removed the alternator, swirl pot, muffler, header pipe and all water hoses.

3/11/06 - Removed the windshield washer motor, nozzle, bag and radiator.

2/27/06 - Removed the instruments from the dash panels.

2/25/06 - Removed the Steering column and all dash panels.

1/25/06 - Took close-up photos of the drivers door trim and trim channels.

1/21/06 - Removed the bumper, headlights, side markers, horn, grille and boot lock.

1/11/06 - Removed and stripped the drivers door.

11/23/05 - Removed the right (passenger) door.

11/17/05 - I received the S1 taillight lenses I ordered.

11/16/05 - Disassembled the left and right taillights and left seatbelt brace.

11/11/05 - Took photos by request of the speaker blanking plate.

11/9/05 - Took photos and measurements by request of the clutch and brake pedals.

11/8/05 - Took photos by request of the right front suspension.

11/5/05 - Removed the fuel level sender and seatbelt braces.

11/4/05 - Got up early this morning and removed the gas tank.

11/3/05 - Using my compression tester, I checked the compression of each cylinder.

9/18/05 - Took photos of the left front suspension.

9/7/05 - Took some more photos.

9/01/05 - Gave the engine bay a good cleaning with "Gunk Engine Brite" and the entire car a good bath.

8/30/05 - Photos of the rear body disassembly.

8/27/05 - More photos while taking inventory.

8/21/05 - Just arrived in my garage and taking inventory.

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