Section BA -- Body -- Major Panels and Trim

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Lotus #
Change Point
Bulletin Reference
046B0001         Body Shell Up to 0541 
046B0001A         Body Shell From 0541 to 0644 
054B0001         Body Shell  
054B1800       + Body Shell (pre-24 in. headlamp centres) Up to 2950 
A054B1800       + Body Shell (24 in. headlamp centres) From 0001P 
054B1801        +Body Shell (pre-24 in. headlamp centres) From 0645 to 2944 
C054B1801        +Body Shell (24 in. headlamp centres) From 0001Q 
A054B1801        +Body Shell (pre-24 in. headlamp centres) From 1066 to 2061 
D054B1801        +Body Shell (24 in. headlamp centres) From 2607 to 2951 
B054B1801        +Body Shell (24 in. headlamp centres - 65) From Chassis No. 7001.03.0001R 
046B0088        Door Shell LH  
054B0089         Door Shell LH  
A054B0089        Door Shell LH  
046B0089        Door Shell RH  
054B0088         Door Shell RH  
A054B0088        Door Shell RH  
046B0030         Bonnet Lid  
A046B0030       Bonnet Lid  
054B1829        Reinforcing Strip  
036B6033        Rivet Reinforcing Strip Mounting  
046B0040         Engine Compartment Lid  
A046B0040       Engine Compartment Lid  
054B0562        Sealing - Front Stowage Compartment  
054B1387         Blanking Panel  
A054B1387         Blanking Panel  
054B1386        Blanking Panel  
PSTS1008  10 10       Screw - Blanking Panels to Body  
036B6003  10 10       Nut - Blanking Panels to Body  
046B0059        Luggage Box  
054B0059        Luggage Box  
451A      Nut - Luggage Box to Chassis  
PUFS1016      Screw - Luggage Box to Chassis  
A03W1606      Washer - Luggage Box to Chassis  
046B2007      Heat Shield  
046B2005      Heat Shield  
435      Rivet - Heat Shield to Luggage Box  
AUFN030F      Nut - Heat Shield to Luggage Box  
A03W0806      Washer - Heat Shield to Luggage Box  
046B0241        Cover - Battery  
MUFS1016        Screw - Battery Cover  
046B0029          Replaced by 046B0029A  
10 046B0029A      Windscreen  
10 054B0029      Windscreen - Shaded - Optional  
11 046B0549       Weatherstrip - Windscreen Up to Chassis No. ?
 - More Info -
11 046B0549         Weatherstrip - Windscreen Up To Chassis No. 2951
 - More Info -
11 A050B6182         Mastic Sealer From Chassis No. 7001.03.0001R 
11 A050B6181         Mastic Sealer From Chassis No. 7001.03.0001R 
11 A054B6124         Mounting Blocks From Chassis No. 7001.03.0001R 
12 046B6002       Filler Strip (150 in.)  
12 046B6002         Filler Strip Up to Chassis No. 2951 
12 A054B6118         Finisher - Top From Chassis No. 7001.03.0001R 
12 A054B6119         Finisher - Bottom From Chassis No. 7001.03.0001R 
12 A054B6120         Finisher - LH From Chassis No. 7001.03.0001R 
12 A054B6126         Finisher - RH From Chassis No. 7001.03.0001R 
12 A054B6125         Corner Clip - Top From Chassis No. 7001.03.0001R 
12 A050B6183 ?         Corner Clip - Bottom From Chassis No. 7001.03.0001R 
12 A054B6121         Filler - Top Internal From Chassis No. 7001.03.0001R 
12 A054B6122         Filler - Bottom Internal From Chassis No. 7001.03.0001R 
12 A054B6123         Filler - Side Internal From Chassis No. 7001.03.0001R 
13 046B0349      Rear Screen  
13 B046B0349      Rear Screen Shaded Optional  
13 046B6004          Replaced by 054B1769  
14 054B1769      Weatherstrip - Rear Screen  - More Info -
15 046B6003      Filler Strip - Rear Screen  
15 046B6039          Replaced by 036B6031  
16 036B6031      Internal Rear View Mirror  
16 036B6108        Sunvisor  
17 054B1720        Sunvisor  
W0060      Spacer - Luggage Box to Chassis