Section AA -- Chassis

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Lotus #
Change Point
Bulletin Reference
046A0701        Chassis Frame  - More Info -
054A0701         Chassis Frame  - More Info -
054A0701         Chassis Frame  - More Info -
046A0702      Front Box - Chassis Frame  
054A0251        Reinforcing Plate SB - Service III 1969/29 
046A012      Fulcrum Pin - Front Wishbone Lower  
046A0709          Replaced by 054A0709 Up to Chassis No. 0050 
A046A0709          Replaced by 054A0709 From Chassis No. 0051 to ? 
054A0709      Cross Beam From Chassis No. ? 
XUFB0516      Bolt - Cross Beam to Chassis  
YUFN050F      Nut - Cross Beam to Chassis  
A050W1206      Washer - Cross Beam to Chassis  
046A0157          Replaced by 054A0157  
054A0157      Lower Link bracket Up to Chassis No. 1626 
XUFB0844      Bolt - Lower Link Bracket From Chassis No. 1627 
054A0201        Closing Plate - Chassis to Body  
XUFB0620        Bolt  
A06W2006        Washer  
YUFN060F        Nut  
XUFB0408        Bolt  
L04W0000        Washer  
A04W0905        Washer 1/32" thick, 1/2" OD, 1/4" ID 
046B1177        Tie Tube LH  
046B1178        Tie Tube RH  
A07W1409        Washer - Tie tube/seat belt mounting  
046B6001        Eye Bolt - Tie tube/seat belt mounting  
A054B1908        Spacer - Inboard Sealt Belt Mounting  
XUFB0524        Bolt - Tie tube to chassis  
A05W1007        Washer - Tie tube to chassis 1/16" thick, 5/8" OD and 9/32" ID 
LUFN050F        Nut - Tie tube to chassis 5/16" x 24 TPI, 1/2" head