Section J3 -- Brakes -- Bundy Pipes and Fittings

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Lotus #
Change Point
Bulletin Reference
46J2001(D) 46J2001(D)        Mounting Bracket - Flexible Hose RH  
46J6016 46J6016        Flexible Hose - Front  
46J6036 46J6036        Bundy Pipe - Union to Flexible Hose RH  
46J6017 46J6017        Union - Front 4 way Attaches with 7/16 head, 1/4" x 28 TPI, 1" long bolt, & 1/4" x 28 TPI Nyloc nut 
46J6033 46J6033        Bundy Pipe - Master Cylinder to 4 Way Union  
46J6035 46J6035        Bundy Pipe - Union to Flexible Hose LH  
46J6041 46J6041        Cap - Reservoir  
46J6019 46J6019        Reservoir  
46J6032 46J6032        Bundy Pipe - Reservoir to Master Cylinder  
46J6015 46J6015        Repair Kit - Master Cylinder  
46J6018 46J6018        Master Cylinder Sleeving 
46J6020 46J6020        Flexible Hose - Rear  
46J6037 46J6037        Bundy Pipe - Front Union to Rear Union  
46J068 46J068        Handbrake Cable - Intermediate  
46J704 46J704        Multiplier  
46J067 46J067        Handbrake Cable - Lever to Multiplier  
46J019 46J019        Pedal Assembly  
W0084 W0084        Clevis Pin  
46J076 46J076        Clevis  
46J036 46J036        Push Rod  
46J075 46J075        Adaptor - Push Rod to Clevis  
A46J075 A46J075        Adaptor - Push Rod to Clevis  
46J6025 46J6025        Stop Lamp Switch  - More Info -
46J6045 46J6045        Bundy Pipe - Union to Flexible Hose Rear - RH  
46J6042 46J6042        Bundy Pipe - Flexible Hose to Rear Brake  
46J016 46J016        Return Spring  
46J6043 46J6043        Bundy Pipe - Union to Flexible Hose Rear - LH  
46J069 46J069        Handbrake Cable - rear  
46J6044 46J6044        Bundy Pipe - Flexible Hose to Caliper  
46J2000(G) 46J2000(G)        Bracket - LH  
46J727 46J727       +Handbrake Lever Assembly  
46J057 46J057       +Multiplier  
46J6028 46J6028        Compensator Assembly