Section F7 -- Transmission -- Shift Linkage

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Lotus #
Change Point
Bulletin Reference
46F6154 46F6154        Shift Knob  
36F6000 36F6000        Gromet - Gear Lever  
46B1038 46B1038        Mounting Plate - Gear Lever Gromet  
46F124 46F124        Longitudinal Link - Rear  
LUFN040F LUFN040F        Nut - Link Transverse 5/16" x 24 TPI, 1/2" head 
MUFS1012 MUFS1012        Bolt - Mounting Plate Upper  
L03W0000 L03W0000        Washer - Mounting Plate Upper  
46F131 46F131        Mounting Plate Upper  
46F139 46F139        Spacer  
46F6160 46F6160        Ball joint - Transverse Link Up to Chassis No. 0344
Replaced by A046F6160 
A46F6160 A46F6160        Ball joint - Transverse Link From Chassis No. 0345 
46F126 46F126        Link - Transverse  
46F125 46F125        Mounting - Longitudinal Link to Ball Joint  
46F6158 46F6158        Snap Ring  
46F6161 46F6161        Ball Joint Up to Chassis No. 2339
Replaced by A046F6161 
W058 W058        Ball Joint Outer  
AUFN050H AUFN050H        Nut - Relay Lever  
46F132 46F132        Mounting Plate Lower  
46F127 46F127        Relay Lever  
46F6163 46F6163        Bush - Relay Lever  
46F001 46F001        Gear Lever  
46F123 46F123        Longitudinal Link - Front  
46F6159 46F6159        Bush - Longitudinal Link  
XMMB0830 XMMB0830        Bolt - Longitudinal Link to Gearbox Mounting  
XUFB0456 XUFB0456        Bolt - Relay Lever to Bracket - Relay Lever Mounting 3 1/2" long, 7/8" thread length, 1/4" x 28 TPI, 7/16" head 
XMMB0750 XMMB0750        Bolt - Bracket - Relay Lever Mounting to Enging  
46F6155 46F6155        Cross Shaft Lever and Rose Joint  
46F6156 46F6156        Circlip  
L05W0000 L05W000010 10         Washer - Longitudinal Link to Gearbox Mounting 7/64" thick split washer, 19/32" OD, 5/16" ID 
W050 W050        Spacer  
A04W0905 A04W0905        Washer 1/32" thick, 1/2" OD, 1/4" ID 
46F128 46F128        Bracket - Relay Lever Mounting  
LUFN040F LUFN040F        Nut 5/16" x 24 TPI, 1/2" head