Section B4 -- Body -- Carpet, Seats and Trim

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Lotus #
Change Point
Bulletin Reference
46B6022 46B6022        Door Seal Replaced by 054B1683
 - More Info -
46B142 46B142          Carpet - Footwell RH  
46B362 46B362        Windscreen Pillar Trim RH  
46B6087 46B6087        Carpet - Door Surround RH  
46B140 46B140        Carpet - Wheelarch RH  
46B626 46B626        Felt - Front Box Rear Facing RH  - More Info -
46B1140 46B1140        Felt - Front Box - Top  - More Info -
46B625 46B625        Felt - Front Box Rear Facing LH  - More Info -
46B157 46B157        Carpet - Toeboard/Footbox LH  
46B139 46B139        Carpet - Wheelarch LH  
46B135 46B135        Seat - Consisting of Bottom and Back  
46B243 46B243        Tunnel Cover and Armrest  
46B144 46B144        Carpet- Tunnell Side RH  
46B168 46B168        Felt - Floor RH  - More Info -
46B158 46B158        Carpet - Toeboard/Footbox RH  
46B143 46B143        Carpet - Tunnel Side LH  
46B167 46B167        Felt - Floor LH  - More Info -
46B6088 46B6088        Carpet - Door Surround LH  
46B141 46B141        Carpet - Footwell LH  
46B361 46B361        Windscreen Pillar Trim LH  
46B1132 46B1132        Speaker Blanking Plate  
46B6038 46B6038        Felt - Speaker Blanking Plate  - More Info -
46B6025 46B6025        Nut - Speaker Blanking Plate Attaching  
W205 W205        Headliner Replaced by 054B0360 
46B1137 46B1137        Felt - Bulkhead  - More Info -
46B1154 46B1154        Felt - Seat Back Adjusting  - More Info -
46B427 46B427        Door Trim Panel