Section B1 -- Body -- Major Panels and Trim

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Lotus #
Change Point
Bulletin Reference
46B549 46B549        Weatherstrip - Windscreen  - More Info -
46B029 46B029        Windscreen  
46B6002 46B6002        Filler Strip  
46B197 46B197        Glovebox Door  
W059 W059          Washer  
46B1131 46B1131        Stay - Front Lid Support  
46B6043 46B6043         Oddie fastener  
46B6044 46B6044         Mounting Plate - Oddie Fastener  
46B030 46B030        Bonnet Lid  
46B6011 46B6011        Front Bumper  - More Info -
36B269 36B269        Badge - Lotus  
46B272 46B272        Grille - Front  
26B269 26B269        Replaced by 36B269  
46B6039 46B6039        Internal Rear View Mirror  
46B001 46B001        Body Shell  
46B088 46B088        Door Shell L/H  
46B6105 46B6105          Window Trim (As Required)  
46B667-(G) 46B667-(G)         Window L/H  
46B668-(D) 46B668-(D)         Window R/H  
46B6048 46B6048        Gromet - Stay Pivot  
46B1131 46B1131        Stay - Engine Compartment Lid Support  
46B2007 46B2007        Heat Shield  
54B0059 54B0059        Luggage Box  
46B059 46B059        Luggage Box Replaced by 54B0059  
46B241 46B241        Battery Cover  
MUFS1016 MUFS1016        Screw - Battery Cover  
36B501B 36B501B        Badge - World Champions  
36B501A 36B501A        Badge Indianapolis  
46B6013 46B6013        Blanking Rivet  
46B6012 46B6012        Rear Bumper  - More Info -
46B6047 46B6047        Washer - Oddie Fastener  
46B6045 46B6045        Clip - Oddie Fastener  
46B6046 46B6046        Oddie Fastener  
36B6002 36B6002        Nut - Grille to Body  
54B1073 54B1073        Grille - Rear  
46B040 46B040        Engine Compartment Lid  
46B1119 46B1119        Grille - Vent Engine Compartment Lid  
46B089 46B089        Door Shell R/H  
46B6004 46B6004        Weatherstrip - Rear Screen  - More Info -
46B349 46B349        Rear Screen  
46B6003 46B6003        Filler Strip - Rear Screen  
46B6108 46B6108        Sunvisor  
36B6006 36B6006        Hinge - Engine Compartment Lid  
36B1111 36B1111        Engine Compartment Lid Hinge Front Gasket  
A04W1606 A04W1606        Washer - Hinge to Lid  
LUFN040F LUFN040F        Nut - Hinge to Lid 5/16" x 24 TPI, 1/2" head 
36B1112 36B1112        Engine Compartment Lid Hinge Rear Gasket