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Note from Jerry: I have reconstructed these web pages from bits and pieces of the original site (http://www.mikecauser.com), which is no longer active. Where the phrase "link removed" appears it denotes that I was unable to locate that part of the site. I have been asked many times if I could find the Bibliography and the Lotus Badge pages, so I have concentrated primarily on those pages. Should I find other pages, I will add them.

I have communicated with Mike Causer and he has no objection to me publishing this information.

Have you found the right Mike Causer? (link removed JJ)

The main content of this site is the Bibliography of Lotus cars.
It contains details of nearly 400 books concerning Lotus cars, the history of the company, technical works, and biographies of people involved with Lotus, particularly the Grand Prix drivers.

There is also a lucky dip links page (link removed JJ).
I've tried to make it a bit more interesting than normal. Have a look, you may find something in there.

The background picture is my Lotus Excel at Brands Hatch racing circuit. If you are interested, the colour picture is 100Kbytes (link removed JJ).

Recent news: A history of the Lotus badge has been added.

Mike Causer's Web Pages

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