A short history of the Lotus badge

The script monogram in the centre is A C B C, which stands for Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman. Note that the vertical of the monogram does not line up with the vertical of the T in Lotus. All Lotus badges were like this until the 1984 design, and if mounted correctly the T is slightly out of vertical.

Click each badge for a larger picture and more details.

Green and yellow badge, rather battered 1953-1963 The original design, this example is from the very first batch made
Green and yellow classic badge 1963-1968
Classic green and yellow
Black and silver badge 1968-1970
The Jim Clark memorial black and silver
Black and gold badge 1978-1979 For the limited edition JPS Esprit S2
Black and gold badge 1983-1984 The Colin Chapman memorial black & gold
Green and gold badge, without monogram 1984-1986 The loss of the ACBC monogram caused much protest
Green and gold badge, with monogram 1986-1988 Immediately after the G.M. takeover the monogram was restored
Modern green and yellow badge 1988-2005 The modern design, introduced while General Motors owned Lotus
Modern black and gold badge 1999 The modern design, but in black and gold for special edition Elise "JPS" model.
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