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Richard Mann's S2 Europa

Here's Richard's BMW stub axle article (Word .doc file)

Added 10/03/05 - How I installed a 395 R18 5-speed in my S2

Added 01/03/05 - Here are some photos of the crash pad Richard is manufacturing for the Europa. You should contact him for more information.

Hello Jerry,

I've just joined the yahoo lotuseuropa group.

I'd like to add my car to your register and post a few photo's. I tried contacting but the email bounced.

Here're my car's details

1970 Lotus Europa S2 Type 54 Right Hand Drive
Chassis Number 7004 10 0119Q
Original colour - not sure - I found traces of purple under the burnt orange, and Lotus yellow.
Colour now - silver
Condition - just finished 6 1/2 year restoration - perfect!
Original engine number 697-04 2485.
The car had a 807- R16TS engine when I bought it
Now fitted with 1800cc Renault engine I built using a R18 block, R16TS cross flow head. Twin 45 DCOE's torquey cam, extractors etc etc. 150bhp. This is a great donk!

Original trans number 0946.
Now fitted with R18,  5-speed type-395 box.
Upper link fitted to rear suspension, CV drive shafts, BMW unbreakable stub axles.
Cosmic mags - factory/dealer fitted 5.5Jx13.

I purchased the car in 1987. It was fitted with a standard R16 TS engine. The car was registered and back on the road in 1988. I drove it for 8 years (approx 120,000km) before being hit in the rear.  In that time I developed the driveline and handling, but the body and interior was really run down.

I pulled the car off the road and rebuilt it over the last 6 1/2 years - every nut and bolt. I've tried to keep the body and interior looking as original as possible, while developing the mechanicals to be robust enough for a daily driver.

Full leather interior, wool carpets. I even made a new dash top from scratch! I hope to make a batch of 10 after winter! I'll post an ad for expressions of interest when I'm closer to taking orders. 

I'm not sure how many photos I can post, but I have 15-20 I'd like to send you (if possible) . The photos are all about 1.5meg. Should I reduce them in size? What's your mail box limit.

My details
Richard Mann
yahoo ID - raceman_engineering

Address :

97 Graham Street
Albert Park, Victoria,  3206

email :

PS - Congratulations on a great website!

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