This software contains a powerful search engine that can search messages by message number, subject, author, or body content. It is pre-configured to search the subject line of all messages. To change the search area, select an option in the Search box.

To begin a search, simply type a search term into the search for box and click the "Search" button or press "Enter".

The "Remove Plurals" checkbox causes the search engine to remove the "s" from the end of most words. Without this checkbox, if you searched for "tires" any entry that contained the word "tire" (without the s) would be ignored. Be sure to uncheck the box if the trailing s should be included (for example, "336 cross shaft", where removing the trailing "s" results in "336 cros shaft"). Exceptions are Lotus, Lucas, Banks and chassis where the software ignores the trailing s.

The search will display a list of found messages. Clicking the message number recalls the message.

By default, the search engine looks for all words in any order. To specify a particular phrase, enclose it in quotes (like "toyota engine").

Examples of searching the subject line:

Searching for twincam engine finds only messages with twincam engine in the subject line.
Searching for twin cam engine finds messages with twincam engine and twin cam engine in the subject line.
Searching for toyota engine finds messages with Toyota 4AGE engine, Honda engine and update on Toyota and many more combinations of toyota and engine in the subject line.

When you search, choose your words carefully. For example, if you want messages that have to do with removing the body, you should consider the words remove, removal, removing and body. A message subject could be removing my body, body removal, removed the body, or many different combinations. To best find all messages dealing with removing the body, you should enter body remov.