Section Q -- Clutch

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      (see also Section 'J' for pedal "set up")

        For correct operation and functioning of the clutch, it is most important that the adjustment is carried out correctly.

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        Recommended procedure is as given here.

        1. Slacken the locknut on the end of the operating cable sufficient to enable the release lever to be moved by hand.
        2. Push the release lever forwards by hand until the release bearing contacts the diaphragm spring of the clutch assembly.
          This will be felt as a marked resistance.
        3. Adjust the cable to give the clearance at the cable abutment (see Fig. 1).
        4. With the aid of the turnbuckle in the cable, take up any additional slack or free play in the cable.
        5. With a second operator inside the car, adjust the pedal forward stop to give an additional .63 in. (16 mm.) at the release lever adjacent to the cable abutment.

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