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    Commencing at Chassis No. 72082684R, all cars destined for use in North America are fitted with a lever operated heater unit.

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    Interior heating and ventilation can be controlled individually by both driver (A) and passenger (B) alike, using the control levers as shown in Fig.1.

    To remove the heater unit, see Section 'P' of the main Europa Manual (X046 T 0327Z).

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    To remove control lever assembly, it will be necessary to remove the facia panel, in which case, see Section 'B' of the main Europa Manual.

    1. With the facia removed, remove the screws retaining the lever knobs, and pull off knobs.
    2. Release the nipples retaining the operating cables at the heater unit.
    3. Release the clamps securing the cables to the lever quadrant, and remove the cable assemblies.
    4. Remove the screws securing the lever quadrant to the reverse side of the facia panel, and pull quadrant from its location.

    When refitting the quadrant and cables, it is recommended that the cables be first fitted to the quadrant, then the whole assembly secured to the reverse side of the facia panel.

    Adjust lengths of cables at the heater end of them, AFTER refitting the facia panel.

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