Section K -- Cooling System

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J.1 Filling the System
J.2 Frost Precautions
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K.1. - FILLING THE SYSTEM - Section Menu

  1. Pull heater control (in car) to the 'Hot' position.
  2. Open tap (or remove vent plug) on top of radiator.
  3. Remove filler cap on header tank and fill with coolant until coolant issues continuously from tap (or vent plug orifice). Close tap (or replace vent plug). Fill header tank to brim.
  4. Start engine and 'run' at approximately 1,500 r.p.m. Keep header tank topped up with coolant.
  5. Release clip and pull off hose from heater valve (at thermostat housing). Close end of hose with thumb and finger until coolant issues continuously from heater valve. Refit hose to valve.
  6. Check that radiator and heater are warming up. if not, repeat operations '3' and '5'.
  7. Occasionally slacken tap (or remove vent plug) on radiator to 'bleed' air.
  8. "Run" engine until hot (when fan starts). Top up header tank, tighten tap (or replace vent plug) on radiator, switch 'off' engine.
  9. Check coolant level after FIRST 160 kin. (100 miles) and DALLY for first 10 days of use. Take care when removing the filler cap from header tank, if the system is anything but cold - remove the cap slowly to allow the pressure within the tank to vent slowly. The coolant level when warm should be UP TO THE FILLER CAP and when cold should be no LOWER THAN 10 cm. (4 in.) below the top.

K.2. - FROST PRECAUTIONS - Section Menu

    To avoid the possibility of the cooling system freezing whilst the vehicle is stationary, or whilst being driven in very cold weather, it is recommended that an anti-freeze solution is used. Details are given in Section 'O' of quantities required.

    We recommend anti-freeze based on inhibited ethylene glycol. Anti-freeze using alcohol as a base is NOT suitable, it being subject to loss by evaporation. Owing to the difficulty in completely draining the heater system with normal draining of the engine cooling system, it is ESSENTIAL that anti-freeze is used when cold conditions are anticipated.

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