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B.1 Seats
B.2 Seat Removal
B.3 Seat Replacement
B.4 Seat Belts
B.5 Facia Panel (North America)
B.5 Body Sills
Fig Description
1 Facia Panel (North America)
2 Body Trim Sill
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B.1. - SEATS - Section Menu

    There is no difference in seat removal on Europa Twin Cam cars to the seats fitted in previous Europa cars, except that on cars destined for use in North America, seat 'sensors' are fitted. The sensor, which is beneath the passenger seat, works in conjunction with an audible warning for non-fastening of seat belts.

    The seat belt warning system must provide an audible signal (buzzer) and a 'fasten belts' warning lamp (situated on centre console below ashtray), which activate when all the following conditions exist:

    1. Ignition switch is 'on' (position 2 & 3).
    2. Driver's seat belt NOT fastened.
    3. Passenger seat occupied by at least an average 6 year old child and seat belt NOT fastened.

    NOTE: The warning signals must not activate when the handbrake is 'on'.

B.2. - SEAT REMOVAL - Section Menu

  1. With the seat in its rearmost position, remove the front runner retaining bolts.
  2. Move the seat fully forward and remove the bolts securing the rear ends of the runners.
  3. On North American cars, disconnect the seat sensor (two snap connectors) from beneath the passenger seat. Lift out seat and runners as an assembly.

B.3. - SEAT REPLACEMENT - Section Menu

  1. Replacement of the seats is a direct reversal of the removal procedure.
    On North American cars, do NOT forget to re-connect the seat sensor.
    On all cars, reseal the runner securing bolts beneath the floor of the car to avoid possible water entry.

B.4. - SEAT BELTS - Section Menu

    Static type seat belts are fitted as original equipment on all cars for all Territories, except in North America, where reel type belts are fitted.

    To Remove.

      Static type seat belt removal is similar to that given in the Europa Workshop Manual, so will not be detailed here.
      Reel type belts are removed as follows:
      1. Move the seat forwards as far as possible. Remove the seat belt mounting bolts on either side of the seat.
      2. Disconnect the seat belt warning cables from the seat belt receiver (two snap) connectors running from the back of the receiver.
      3. Pull off the reel cover and remove the two securing bolts with their nuts now exposed.

    To Replace.

    1. Reverse the removal procedure, NOT forgetting to re-connect the cables at the seat belt receiver.


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    Commencing at Chassis No. 72082684R, all cars destined for use in North America are fitted with a new facia panel (see Fig. 1). This new facia comprises a re-grouping of the supplementary instruments and different switches (see Section 'M' for their removal).

    Key to Fig.1.
    1.   Face level ventilator              21 .  Gearshift lever
    2.   Steering wheel                     22.   Choke control
    3.   Tachometer                         23.   Heater temperature control
    4.   Ignition warning lamp              24.   Accelerator pedal
    5.   Direction indicator warning lamps	25.   Brake pedal
    6.   Headlamps main beam warning lamp   26.   Clutch pedal
    7.   Speedometer                        28.   Speedometer trip control
    8.   Windscreen demister vent           30.   Handbrake
    10.  Ammeter                            34.   Brakes warning lamp
    12.  Oil pressure gauge                 35.   Hazard warning switch
    13.  Radio (when fitted)                38.   Horn/indicators/headlamps switch
    14.  Water temperature gauge            39.   Windscreen wiper/washer control
    15.  Fuel gauge                         40.   Lighting switch
    16.  Heater fan switch                  41 .  Seat belts 'fasten' warning lamp
    17.  Ignition/starter switch and lock   42.   Heater air direction control, driver
    18.  Window operating switches          43.   Heater air direction control, passenger
    20.  Ashtray                            44.   Panel lamps switch
    It is recommended that the Wiring Diagram (LSL.213) be studied in conjunction with Fig. 1.

B.6. - BODY SILLS (SPECIAL) - Section Menu

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    All Europa Special cars, from Chassis No.

      72081783P - U .K.
      72081101Q - Export
      72082684R - N. America
    are fitted with trim sills, attached to the body sills (below the doors). These are retained by trim clips (B of Fig. 2) at their lower edges and 'pop' rivets at front and rear top edges (into the wheelarch).

    To remove the trim sills, drill out 'pop' rivet at bosh front and rear top edges, ease sills away from body at their upper edges, and remove by pushing down away from the clip (B). Replace by reversing these instructions.

    To remove the trim strip (above the trim sill), ease up lower edge from its retaining clips (A of Fig. 2), and remove by lifting up, and out. Take care not to damage the paint during this operation.

    Refitting is a reversal of these instructions.

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