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LOTUS CARS (SERVICE) LIMITED Norwich Norfolk, Nor. 92W England
Telephones Wymondham 3411 Cables: Lotus, Norwich Telex: 97401
Part No. 46T325D - - - January 1971


We reserve the right to make changes or improvements in the construction or equipment of our products at any time. It is our general policy, however, to supply components to the latest specification.

DELIVERY - Any date quoted for delivery is an estimate and under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for delay in delivery, howsoever occurring.

PRICE - Goods purchased will be supplied at the price ruling at the date of delivery. Lotus Cars (Service) Limited reserve the right to alter prices without previous notice. All prices are ex-factory, packing and carriage extra.

PAYMENT - Terms of payment are strictly CASH ON DELIVERY except where prior credit facilities have been arranged.

CORRESPONDENCE - All correspondence relating to parts must carry both the order number and the invoice number.

PART NUMBERS - Part numbers must always be quoted on correspondence, advice notes, invoices and parts order forms.

LIABILITY - The Company's liability is limited as set out below; any implied condition or warranty is hereby excluded, and the Company will not be liable in damages for any injury or loss, damage or expense howsoever incurred or arising in connection with goods ordered hereunder.

DAMAGED PARTS - Damage to received parts should be assumed to have occurred in transit, and claims should be made on the carriers and/or their insurance company. Parts will not be accepted for credit unless previously agreed. Carriage of parts returned will be at the purchaser's expense unless previously agreed.

VARIATION - No variation of these conditions or this Warranty shall be binding on the Company unless in writing signed by a Director on behalf of this Company.

    1. The Company will during the Warranty period of THREE MONTHS at their sole option, repair or replace free of charge to the purchaser any port which in their opinion is defective owing to faulty workmanship or materials; the cost of carriage and any labour costs incurred in dismantling or reassembly shall be charged to the purchaser.

    2.Where the Warranty period is THREE MONTHS, the Company will within the remaining period of the original three months from the date of supply, repair or replace on the terms of the foregoing clause any part supplied under that clause which in the Company's opinion is defective owing to faulty materials or workmanship.

    3. The Company's undertaking to repair or replace applies ONLY to parts of Lotus design, that is, parts manufactured by, or to the specification of one of the Lotus Group of Companies. The Company will be under no legal liability in respect of parts not of Lotus design but will, during the Warranty period, at the request of the purchaser (who shall reimburse the Company for any expense incurred) take reasonable steps to secure the repair or replacement by the manufacturer of any such part which may be defective.

    4. Should the Company in their discretion carry out any extra work or supply any extra parts free of charge, they shall be under no legal liability of any kind in connection therewith, and the provisions of the Warranty shall not be in any way deemed to have been waived.

CLAIMS UNDER WARRANTY - Claims for the replacement of material or parts under Warranty must always be submitted to the supplying Distributor for the area concerned. All faulty material in the United Kingdom must be correctly labeled and returned to Lotus Cars (Service) Limited. For all other territories faulty material must be held by the supplying Distributor pending settlement of the claim. The Factory will NOT accept charges for the return of such parts or the packing or crating of the same. In all cases of claims under Warranty, the decision of Lotus Cars (Service) Limited is final.

1. No claim under Warranty will be accepted by the Company if after delivery:

    a. Goods sold have been used in connection with motor racing or any motoring competition.

    b. Defective parts have been altered or identification numbers removed.

    c. Damage occurred through mishandling or misuse.

    d. Modifications that have been carried out on the vehicle which are outside the specifications provided for by the Company or when genuine parts have been replaced by parts of another origin.

2. The Company may reject a claim under Warranty unless:

    a. Parts claimed to be defective are sent to the Company carriage paid promptly after discovery of the fault.

    b. Parts are properly packed and labeled, with all necessary identification numbers recorded.

    c. The purchaser furnishes full information as to the purchase of the goods and the nature of the claim.


This publication contains all assemblies and parts sold as spares; it enables one to determine with precision their Part Numbers and to identify them from the illustrations.

Vehicle Chassis Number - The method of identifying a vehicle, whether Component-Built or Fully-Built, is by use of the Vehicle Chassis Number which is comprised of code numbers as shown below. The Vehicle Chassis Number will be found stamped on a plate which is fixed to the left-hand side of the engine bulkhead.

    '46' = Vehicle Type = Europa Series I
    '01234' = Chassis Number

Part Numbers - All Part Numbers commence with the Vehicle Type Number which enables one to determine if the part is peculiar to the Europa or whether it was first used for some other Lotus 'road' vehicle, thus: -

46, 54 = First used on Europa
26, 36, 45, 500 = First used on Elan
50 = First used on Elan + 2

Standard Hardware Part Numbers - All standard finish Bolts, Screws, Studs, Nuts and Washers carry Part Numbers in accordance with the code given on page 7.

Type change points:

    Series I from Chassis Number 46/0001 to 46/0299 excluding 0270, 0271 & 0272
    Series I Mk.I from Chassis Number 46/0300 to 46/0644 including 0270, 0271 & 0272
    Series II from Chassis Number 54/0645
    Series II Federal from Chassis Number 54/1066

The designations 'LEFT' and 'RIGHT' are to be understood as seen in the driving direction.

Indented parts in the 'DESCRIPTION' column are incorporated in the preceding - not indented - part. The term 'optional' in the 'DESCRIPTION' column indicates that the respective parts will be supplied as available or in the case of repair sizes as requested.

If required, 'CHANGE POINTS', (i.e. CHASSIS, BODY or ENGINE Nos.) will be indicated in full in the 'CHANGE POINT' column.

If a part is applicable to all models or versions, the quantity is listed in the column 'ALL', but if a part is particular to a model or version then the quantity will be listed in the column of the models and the version indicated thus '+' in the respective column.

If a 'quantity per model' variance occurs the quantity will be indicated in the respective model or version.

All parts do not necessarily correspond to the illustrations.

All Lotus Parts Numbers are being 'updated' to contain a maximum of nine (9) digits.

      Part Number A46 B 040 becomes A046 B 0040
      Part Number A46 A 709 becomes A046 A 0709
      Part Number 54 B 6000 becomes 054 B 6000

When reading the text figure numbers will be shown against the illustrated side or hand.

Instructions on Ordering

    1. Ascertain the exact model for which parts are required and obtain the chassis and engine numbers.
    2. Refer to Pictorial Index Plate (page 10) and select Section(s) for which Part(s) are required.
    3. Study the illustration and select Plate Reference Number(s).
    4. Relate the Plate Reference Number to the Plate Reference Number of the Parts List text.
    5. To select the exact part number of the Part(s) required,
      a. read the 'QUANTITY' column using the model variant if applicable.
      b. read the 'DESCRIPTION' column for correct order identification.
      c. check the 'CHANGE POINT' column for any further information relating to the series or model type.
      d. recheck the part number(s) selected, repeating instructions 3 to 5c inclusive.


      Europa Series I Chassis Number 46/0201
      Part required - Bonnet
      Section 'B' Plate 'BA'
      Plate Reference Number - 'BA 4'
      Supply Part Number 046 B 0030

      Europa Series II Chassis Number 54/1616
      Part required - Front Damper Assembly
      Section 'C' Plate 'CA'
      Plate Reference Number - 'CA 27'
      Supply Part Number A046 C 0710

As from January, 1970 vehicle identification will be in the following form: -

          7001.010001A	Both chassis and body numbers being the same.
          7001.		Represents year and month of manufacture.
               01	Represents the production batch.
                 0001	Represents the unit (chassis) number.
                     A 	Represents the model code.

As there are sixteen different model types within our present production control, the following codes will be used for correct model identification: -

  Elan Standard      	Fixed Head     	 	Great Britain & Northern Ireland	A
  Elan Standard         Fixed Head             	Export  				B
  Elan Standard      	Drop Head              	Great Britain & Northern Ireland	C
  Elan Standard         Drop Head              	Export                                	D
  Elan Special Equip. 	Fixed Head             	Great Britain & Northern Ireland    	E
  Elan Special Equip. 	Fixed Head             	Export                                	F
  Elan Special Equip. 	Drop Head         	Great Britain & Northern Ireland	G
  Elan Special Equip. 	Drop Head 		Export                                 	H
  Elan Federal          Fixed Head		Export                                 	J
  Elan Federal          Drop Head		Export                                	K
  Elan + 2 'S' Type                            	Great Britain & Northern Ireland	L
  Elan  2 'S' Type                            	Export                                 	M
  Elan + 2 'S' Type Federal			Export                                	N
  Europa Standard                              	Great Britain & Northern Ireland	P
  Europa Standard                              	Export                                 	Q
  Europa Federal                             	Export                                 	R


Part No.	     Quantity		Description

LO. 1.			AR		Paint - British Racing Green
LO .2.			AR		Paint - French Blue
LO .3.			AR		Paint - Wedgewood Blue
LO .4.			AR		Paint - Cirrus White
LO .5.			AR		Paint - Carnival Red
LO .6.			AR		Paint - Burnt Sand
LO .7.			AR		Paint - Lotus Yellow
LO .8.			AR		Paint - Matt Black
LO .9.			AR		Paint - Royal Blue
LO. 10.			AR		Paint - Bahama Yellow
36 B 6135		AR		Rag filler, medium oak
36 B 6136		AR		Polyurethane primer surfacer
36 B 6137		AR		Catalyst
36 B 6138		AR		Thinner
36 B 6139		AR		Primer surfacer '22' (CFN .25)
36 B 6140		AR		Thinner (CTZ. 110)
36 B 6141		AR		Thinner (CTZ.35)
36 B 6142		AR		Thinner with paint - oven dry (CTZ.73)
36 B 6143		AR		Thinner with paint - air dry (CTZ .22)
36 B 6144		AR		Thinner - solvent cleaner (SBP.3)


	1. Bolts, Screws and Studs
	Hexagon                           		 X)
     	Round                             		 R)
     	Mushroom               				 M)
     	Cheese                            		 C)	Single letter
     	Plain                             		 P)
     	Flat Countersunk          			 K)
     	Raised Head Countersunk 			 D)
     	Stud                              		 S)

    	Self-Locking                     		 L)
    	Plain                        			 A)	Single letter
 	Nyloc                              		 Y)

	Shakeproof                      		 L)	Single letter
	Plain                               		 A)

	2. Bolts, Screws and Nuts
	U.N.F.                             		UF)
	U.N.C.                          		UC)	Two letters or digits
	Metric                    			MM)

	Wood                          			WD)	Two letters or digits
	Self-Tapping             			ST)

	Internal diameter in        	  		 ')	Two digits
	16ths. inch or millimetres	   		  )

	3. Bolt          				 B)
	Screw                 				 S)
	Nut                                 		 N)	Single letter
	Washer                              		 W)
	Stud                                		 T)

	4. Bolts, Screws, Nuts and Studs
      	Diameter in 16ths. inch or millimetres		  ) Two digits

      	Plain Washers
      	Outside diameter in 16ths. inch or millimetres 	  ) Two digits

      	Shakeproof Washers
      	All sizes                                  	00) Two digits

      	Self-Tapping Screw and Wood Screw
      	Number                                    	  ) Two digits

	5. Bolts and Screws
      	Length in 16ths. inch or millimetres          	  ) Two digits

    	Full                                           	 F) Two letters
    	Half                                          	 H)

    	Plain Washers
    	Thickness by .01 inch                          	  ) Two digits

    	Shakeproof Washers
    	All sizes                                   	00) Two digits

	6. Studs
	SUCC		UNC both ends			  )
	SUFF          	UNF both ends                	  )
	SUFC          	UNF one end, UNC other end     	  ) Four digits
	SMMM	Metric                                 	  )


All codes (Part Numbers) have eight letters/ figures. Shank lengths, material specification and finish are all standard.