Section K1 -- Cooling -- Radiator and Fan

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Lotus #
Change Point
Bulletin Reference
46K012 46K012        Radiator Hose - Transfer Pipe to Engine  - More Info -
46K6006 46K600610 10         Hose Clip - Hose Clamp  
XUFS0412 XUFS0412        Screw - Transfer Pipe to Chassis and Radiator Top To Body  
A04W0905 A04W0905        Washer - Transfer Pipe to Chassis 1/32" thick, 1/2" OD, 1/4" ID 
LUFN040F LUFN040F        Nut - Transfer Pipe to Chassis 5/16" x 24 TPI, 1/2" head 
46K001A 46K001A        Radiator Screen  
46K001 46K001        Radiator  - More Info -
46M6121 46M6121        Radiator Fan Motor  
46M6123 46M6123        Radiator Fan  
46K6004 46K6004        Radiator Fan Housing  
A04W0905 A04W0905        Washer - Radiator Top to Body 1/32" thick, 1/2" OD, 1/4" ID 
LUFN040F LUFN040F        Nut - Radiator Top to Body 5/16" x 24 TPI, 1/2" head 
A054K6001 A054K6001        Bleed Valve  
46K053 46K053        Transfer Pipe - Radiator to Engine  
46K003 46K003        Radiator Hose - Radiator to Transfer Pipe  
46K6002 46K6002        Thermal Switch (replaced by 046K6009)  
46K6003 46K6003        Thermal Switch Washer  
46K6007 46K6007        Hose Clip - Hose Clamp  
54K053 54K053        Transfer Pipe - Radiator to Engine  
46K052 46K052        Transfer Pipe - Swirl-pot to Radiator  
46K011 46K011        Radiator Hose - Engine to Swirl-pot  
46K0060 46K0060        Hose - Swirl Pot to Transfer Pipe  
46K6000 46K6000        Radiator Cap  
46K0066 46K0066        Tube - Overflow  
46K055 46K055        Swirl Pot  - More Info -
J017 J017        Sleeve