Section H1 -- Steering -- Column and Steering Unit

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Lotus #
Change Point
Bulletin Reference
36H6023 36H6023        Cap  
36H6024 36H6024        O Ring  
36H6025 36H6025        Spring  
36H6029 36H6029        Clip - Bellows - Steering Rack  
36H6015 36H6015        Steering Rack Housing  - More Info -
36H6039 36H6039        Ground Strap  
36H6003 36H6003        Universal Joint  
46H049 46H049            
36H6026 36H6026        Spacer  
36H6018 36H6018        Washer  
36H6017 36H6017        Spacer  
14H87 14H87        Mounting Bracket - Steering Rack  
A04W0905 A04W0905        Washer - Mounting Bracket - Steering Rack 1/32" thick, 1/2" OD, 1/4" ID 
AUFN040F AUFN040F        Nut - Mounting Bracket - Steering Rack 7/16" head, 1/4" x 28 TPI 
36H6002 36H6002        Universal Joint  
36H6022 36H6022        Circlip  
36H6021 36H6021        Seal  
36H6020 36H6020        Spacer  
36H6019 36H6019        Spring  
36H6016 36H6016        Steering Gear  
36H6036 36H6036        Steering Rack  - More Info -
36H6006 36H6006        Steering Wheel  
36H6005 36H6005        Brush - Horn contact  
36H6008 36H6008        Clip - Horn push retaining  
28H030 28H030        Horn Button  
36H6004 36H6004        Horn push or 036M6090  
36H6035 36H6035        Nut - Steering Wheel to column  
36H6009 36H6009        Contact Plate - Horn  
36H6034 36H6034        Slip Ring - Steering Wheel  
36H6031 36H6031        Spacer  
36H6033 36H6033        Escutcheon  
36M6000 36M6000        Switch - Indicators  - More Info -
36H6038 36H6038        Impact Clamp  
36H6032 36H6032        Washer  
36H6030 36H6030        Clip - Bellows - Steering Rack  
36H6027 36H6027        Bellows - Steering Rack  - More Info -
36H6028 36H6028        Clip - Bellows - Steering Rack  
36H6012 36H6012        Locking Washer - Tie-Rod  
36H6011 36H6011        Spring - Tie-Rod Socket  
36H6010 36H6010        Socket - Tie-Rod Assembly  
36H6006 36H6006        Track Rod Assembly  
36H6007 36H6007        Ball joint - Track Rod (Tie Rod End)  - More Info -
L08W0000 L08W0000        Washer  
46H6002 46H6002        Tie-Rod Adaptor  
36H6013 36H6013        Nut - Steering Rack  
36H6014 36H6014        Nut - Steering Rack  
36H6037 36H6037        Clamp - Steering Column to Facia  
XUFB0456 XUFB0456        Bolt - Mounting Bracket 3 1/2" long, 7/8" thread length, 1/4" x 28 TPI, 7/16" head 
46H6004 46H6004        Steering Column - Upper  
46H6005 46H6005        Steering Column - Lower  
46M6183 46M6183        Switch - Lamps selection