Here are some photos of my TCS rear hub removal procedure- for the archives. The puller is from PRO tools # OTC 7208A (I paid $49.89- but that probably high here in Hawaii)

I used a small sanding drum on a Dremel grinder to clean up the puller casting (see '1 puller detail' photo) where the puller fits over the drum register on the hub and at the wheel studs openings. I trimmed a couple of washers to fit, since the studs are very close to the body of the puller, and bolted the hub to the puller using the stock 3/8" NF studs.

I applied some torque to the puller bolt and applied heat with a cutting torch to melt the Loctite (see photo 4 heating the hub 1) moving the point of the flame all around the thick center part of the hub- When it started smoking a little (don't heat the hub until it begins to glow or you'll lose the temper) I added a little more torque on the bolt, and the hub popped loose.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Patrick Casey