The Europa newbie files

The idea of the newbie files is to collect, in one location, links to all the place where the new Europa owner can find the answer to all those niggling little questions that he/she is scared to ask out loud (of course, that's ridiculous but then we're all human).

It's only a starting point, don't hesitate to ask the list for advice.

If you like this idea, hate this idea, have suggestions of things to add, etc. then tell me: 

Julian - newbie page minder (

The first thing to do is join the lotuseuropa Yahoo group.

Next, make sure you get the free Europa Knowledgebase.

Looking to buy, try Cars for Sale

A brief History of the Europa

Why we bought a Europa (personal stories)

Which to buy (project versus runner) and S2 versus Twin Cam/Special (commonly known as "Twink")

We get parts from the usual suppliers (a term frequently used by listers)

We all speak English right !! 

So you'll need a British/American car terms convertor

Don't forget to introduce yourself to the list indicating:


PO = Previous Owner
DPO = Despised Previous Owner
GPO = Great Previous Owner