36E6089S Swinging Oil Pickup
Installation Instructions

1) Remove both the oil pickup tube and the oil return tube from the block.

2) Remove two main cap bolts: from the exhaust side of the front cap and from the intake side of the #2 cap.

3) Mount the swinger bracket using the bolts and spacers provided. If the main caps are level between their bolt bosses (Kent engines), use only the long spacers. If the main caps are higher between their bolt bosses (earlier engines), use both spacers. Do not tighten the bolts yet.

4) Smear a little Loctite on the aluminum fitting and push it into the pickup tube hole in the block. Rotate for soomth hose bend, then drive the fitting into place with a soft drift.

5) Torque the main cap bolts to 55 lb/ft.

6) Remove the baffling from the sump, either by drilling out the spot welds and welding up the resulting holes, or by cutting the baffle and grinding. Either way, remove ALL of the material.

7) There are two baffle trays provided. Use the one that fits your sump. Orient the dipstick hole toward the correct (exhaust) side and weld the tray in place (nickle-bronze preferred) 2-1/2" above the bottom of the pan.

8) Cut the dipstlck at the "fill" mark so that the swinger will be able to rotate freely.