S2 Fuse Box Wiring

Doug Alexander says this is where each wire goes:

Brown wire #1 - Right window switch
Brown wire #2 - Left window switch
Brown-white wire - Ammeter gauge
White wire #1 - Alternator relay
White wire #2 - Ignition switch
Purple wire on same circuit as green wires - Brake fail light
Green wire #1 - Radiator fan relay (BOB +)
Green wire #2 - Stoplight switch
Green wire #3 - Windshield Wiper motor Plug
Green wire #4 - Voltage stabilizer
Green Wire #5 - Windshield wiper switch
Purple wire #1 - Radiator Fan Relay (Bat +)
Purple wire #2 - Interior Lamp
Green-white wire on shared contacts with two purple wires - Non-standard

Here are two photos of Jerry Johnson's S2 fuse box:

Compiled and maintained by Jerry Johnson.