Email from Clark Boydston 2/24/05

If there is enough interest in another batch of stoneguards I will 
ask for a current quote.   The previous price was $85 plus shipping 
and sales tax if shipped to Florida.  I think they averaged $91 each 
delivered for a minimum batch of 10 units.  And yes the S2 and 
TC/TCS use the same unit.

Can't imagine anyone attaching those old rusty stoneguards on shiny 
new al radiators!  By the way, is the fabricator providing 
attachment points for stoneguards????   I will also post a photo of 
the SS stoneguard in the photo section for a few days.

Clark   '73   TCS   3667R

Here's another email form 3/8/05

I have received 18 commitments so far and 2 of those are without
shipping addresses. Addresses have been requested via email and
hopefully will have address info soon.

Pricing will be $85 plus $6 shipping and insurance based on qty of 
20 units. If I don't get the last two commitments I will buy them 
myself and put them on ebay for big bucks.  Yeah right!

I will place the order as soon as funds are received.  The 
manufacturer buys material based on order quantity so extras for 
late orders will likely not be available.  If anyone else wants in 
email me off list with your shipping address and you will be 

Clark  '73  TCS  3667R
Here's what it lloks like: