Email from Dave Lindemann 2/22/05

Sorry - one more time for the aluminum radiators - this may peak the 
interest of many of you.

Thanks to Karl's suggestion I checked with one more fabricator - 
Mac's Radiator out of Oregon (  Steve 
MacDonald is one of the owners and he's a super nice and very 
knowledgeable guy.  They just completed a Lotus Elan radiator and 
have done radiators for a wide variety or aircraft and sports and 
racing cars according to Steve.

Here is his proposal:
All aluminum - no epoxy.
2 rows of 1-1/2" tubes for a core thickness of 3-1/4"
Serpentine fins with 14/15 fins/inch - this is a modern core design 
that provides increased surface area and improved airflow over the 
stock unit because stock has offset tubes.

Price you ask?  How about $312/unit for 12 units!!!!  This is by FAR 
the best price AND the best design of any of the fabricators!  It 
pays to check around.

Mac's gets my vote - what do the rest of you think and is anyone else 
interested?  Please let me know off list.

By the way, this has taken a TON more time than I expected.  I'm not 
checking with any more fabricators.

Dave Lindemann

Additional email 2/23/05

Hi everyone - 
I'm posting this to the group in the event additional people want to 
place orders.  I have received positive responses for more than 30 
radiators and yes, I checked with Mac's regarding an additional price 
break but Steve said no, $312 is for 12 or more units.  I'm still 

OK, here we go - 
First, a photo of a sample radiator they just completed has been 
attached to the photos section - take a look.

Options include cutting off the existing fan mounting brackets from 
your radiator and using rivets to attach them to the flange that will 
be provided.  This is a good option for those who want to use stock 
fans.  Steve said the challenge he has in making aluminum fan mounts 
is the studs need to be steel - so, he would need to make the bracket 
out of steel anyway.  He is willing to fabricate mounts for each 
radiator at additional cost - just discuss it with him when you place 
your order.  Here is what I am going to do - use aluminum flat stock 
and rivets to attach the stock to the flanges, then use the zip-tie 
like mounting system I purchased with my SPAL fan to attach the fan 
to the bracket.

Steve at Mac's recommends staying with the 3/4" NPT fitting and the 
using an aluminum bushing to fit the thermostat selected.  He 
indicated that thermo switches are readily available and virtually 
all are 3/8" NPT.  For those who want their thermostat fitting 
relocated to the upper part of the tank he is willing to make that 
change at no charge but you need to speak with him when you place 
your oder.

Mac's has agreed to deal with each of us individually.  So, you will 
pay Mac's Radiator and they will ship directly to you.  They accept 
credit cards or personal check.  However, if you pay by check it will 
have to clear before they will ship your radiator.

They want a non-refundable deposit of $65 at the time of order (I 
paid in full today) with the balance due prior to shipment.  Steve 
needs 13 orders before he will order the cores and begin 
fabrication.  If you are interested, please do us all a favor and 
place your order promptly.

Call 1-800-835-3456 and ask for Sarah at extension 53.  Tell her you 
are calling to order a Lotus EUROPA Radiator (they are also doing 
some S1 Esprit units).  She will take all of your information.  If 
you want to make minor changes to the radiator or have fan mounts 
fabricated you need to speak with Steve MacDonald.  Again, fan mounts 
or significant changes will cost additional.

Cost will vary depending on where you live.  Steve mentioned the 
possibility of doing a flat rate for everyone except for those of you 
that live close enough to pick it up yourselves but he hadn't worked 
this out.  They will let you know when you order.  The timeframe from 
order to shipment (assuming 13 orders are placed right away) is 2-3 

Thanks again to Karl for the lead on Mac's and thanks to all of you 
for your patience during this process.  I sincerely hope you are very 
happy with the product.

Dave Lindemann  

Additional email 3/8/05

Hi all - 
Well after a few failed attempts to have the info emailed to my AOL 
account I finally have the pricing information from Mac's Radiator.  
This is copied from a Word doc so hopefully the formatting will be 
OK.  I've received a couple more emails expressing interest in the 
radiators - just call Mac's at 1-800-835-3456 and speak with Sarah to 
place an order.

Lotus Europa Mounting / Special Items Sheet

Radiator $ 312.00 + freight ($28.50)

Fan Mounts 
Mounting Option

#1. No Mounts
#2. TC/TCS $  27.00
#3. S1/S2 $  29.00
#4. Aftermarket Fan Mounts $  27.00

Replacement Fan

10"  1438 CFM Vintage Air $ 79.00

Fan Sensor Kit
Includes Fan Relay Harness, Fan Pigtail & Fuse Holder (3/8 National 
Pipe Thread 185 degree fan sensor / 30 amp Fuse - $ 55.92


Mounting studs for radiator will be stainless steel if specified 
   -    $ 4.00 additional

Extra sensor flange - $ 10.00 (specify location & size)

Fan mounts will be aluminum threaded studs welded to aluminum 
mounting brackets.


I hope this meets with everyone's expectations.  Please call Sarah 
(be nice - she's going to be swamped by all of us calling her!) and 
let her know how you would like your radiator to be configured.

We're on the home stretch!
Dave Lindemann