Disk Brakes all the Way Around

(Mirror from http://members.cox.net/lotuseuropa)

Here are some more pictures of a really cool 1969 Lotus Europa (the one with the turbo). The owner, who still prefers to remain anonymous for now, has installed disk brakes on the rear and upgraded his fronts. If you have a question that you just have to ask, he prefers that you ask it through me for now. Some of his comments about their performance: "they are truly AWESOME !!... I never knew the feeling that if you want to stop, NOW, you can... The Turbo made me smile a whole bunch.......the brakes made it a big old toothly grin."

The work was custom engineered for the Europa by Mitch Marchi in Waterford, MI. Mitch sets up race cars for a living. He can be reached at (248) 673-0977 if you want the work done for your Europa. I have no relationship with Mitch. I'm just passing the info on.

All connections have dual locking mechanisms (i.e., lock-nuts and safety wire). The parking brake is gone. Reverse gear has been found to perform very well as a parking brake, however a hydralic lock could easily be added. The rear suspension was modified with a 5/8" anti-sway bar and what is seen on the photo is the down link. The bar is set pretty mild, but the arm length can be moved to stiffen it up.

Here is a list of the goodies

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Last update: 6 Jun. 2001