The exterior of 4153R has been pretty much untouched.  The brown paint is original, but suffering badly.  The body itself is in great shape, with minimal cracking.  The trim is also in great shape, except for the windshield trim that needs replacing.  Some areas of the front were polished, but it is not really noticed much.


One modification that is readily apparent is the rear grille.  The license plate area is normally a solid fiberglass panel, but I really like the grille of the S1/S2 Europa's so I cut the panel out and fitted a stainless steel screen.  I think it looks more 'exotic car' and less 'kit car' than original, but that's just my opinion...


While not a modification, the engine cover struts are added to a lot of Europa's.  4153R originally had them, but they were seized and of no use.  Someone else did the homework, but the parts for the correct struts are available through McMaster-Carr



Part #


4 9416 K86 10mm ball socket
4 9512 K73 10mm ball stud
2 9416 K192 Gas shock, 30 lb

Note, the shock force must be specified as 30 lbs when ordering.


As for painting 4153R, it will happen one day.  But very, very far from now.