Source: Lotus West
Date: May 1976
LW# 74MC083

			      REF NUM	  NUMBER

	Engine Mounting		EA 33	A074E0549Z	1967-69 Cortina F208
	Assembly, Flywheel	EB 25	A026E0717W	RING GEAR ONLY- Ford 105E 6608
	Assembly, Oil Pump	EC 1	A036E6029W	REBUILD KIT- Ford 105E 6608
	Assembly, Oil Filter	EC 3	A036E603OW	PER 64, LEE 64, FRAM CH 855 APL,
							Ford 113E 6731 A, WIX 51327,
							TECALEMIT FP 3347, ROYZE RP 52
	Oil Pump Gasket		EE 28	A026E0325Z	Ford 3020E 6789A

	Oil Pump Assembly from Ford 16OO Pinto engine will replace any Twincam oil pump
	and will provide higher pressure and flow rate. Ford part no. DIFZ 66OO C.
        Takes spin-on replaceable filter.

	Assembly, Fuel Pump	EH	X026E0370W	REBUILD KIT- EFFBE SDE 87 (FOREIGN

	Motor, Starter
	Starter Pinion Drive-	MA 7	A074E6010Z	LUCAS 54252212-B1262
	-Outer Barrel & Pinion				LUCAS 250698-B1260
	Distributor Cap		MA 9	X028M0073Z	LUCAS 54412472-B1373

	Rotor Arm		MA 9	X028M00T0Z	LUCAS 54412165, Non-cutout: 
	Contact Set,		MA 9	A036M6362Z	LUCAS 54413568, 
	(Quick Fit)					SORENSEN-CORTINA G-145
	Alternator Belt		MA 15	A074E6008Z	GOODYEAR 13T291
	Cam Cover Gasket				Ford 3020E 6K260A 
							(Villa Ford, Orange, CA)

	L/H Vertical Link	CA 1	X036C6006Z	Spitfire
	R/H Vertical Link	CA 1	X036C6005Z	Spitfire

	Stub Axle		CA 1	X036C6008Z	Spitfire
	Nut			CA 1	X036C6033Z	Spitfire
	Washer			CA 1	X036C6034Z	Spitfire

	L/H Caliper 		CA 2	X036C6022Z	Spitfire
	Mounting Plate
      	R/H Caliper    		CA 2	X036C6021Z	Spitfire
	Mounting Plate

	Ball Joint Assembly	CA 3	X036C6007Z	Spitfire
	Nut, Attaching		CA 3	218		Spitfire

	L/H Lower 		CA 4	X036C6026W	Spitfire
	Trunnion Assembly
	R/H Lower       	CA 4	X036C6025W	Spitfire
	Trunnion Assembly

	Seal			CA 7	X036C6028Z	Spitfire

	L/H Steering Arm	CA 8	X036H6001Z	Spitfire
	R/H Steering Arm	CA 8	X036H600OZ	Spitfire
	Hub			CA 9	X036C6014Z	Spitfire
	Wheel Stud		CA 9	X036C60ISZ	Spitfire

	Wheel Bearing, Outer	CA 10	X036C6016Z	Spitfire,
							also: U Timken 03062 
	Wheel Bearing, Inner	CA 11	X036C6017Z	Spitfire,    
							also: Y Timken 07210

	"D" Washer, 		CA 12	X036C6009Z	Spitfire
	Hub to Stub Axle
	Nut, Castellated        CA 13	X036C6010Z	Spitfire
	Split Pin		CA 13	W0087		Spitfire
	Oil Seal		CA 14	X036C6018Z	Spitfire
	Grease Cap		CA 15	X036C6013Z	Spitfire

	Brake Disc		CA 16	X036J6008Z	Spitfire
	Bolt, Attaching		CA 16	X036J6009Z	Spitfire
	Washer			CA 16	X036J6010Z	Spitfire

	L/H Dust Cover		CA 17	X036C6020Z	Spitfire
	R/H Dust Cover		CA 17	X036C6019Z	Spitfire

	Bolt, 			CA 17	X036C6023Z	Spitfire
	Dust Cover/Caliper
	Bolt, 			CA 17	X036C6024Z	Spitfire
	Dust Cover/Caliper
	Mounting Plate/		
	Steering Arm 		
	Attaching Nut		CA 17	215		Spitfire

	Damper/Spring Assembly	CA 27	A074C0730W	Shock only: 
							Koni 8212-1088B (Racing)
	Damper Assembly		DA 24	A074D6007W	Koni 8212-1177B (Racing)
	Universal Joint		DA 9	A074D6008Z	AEC Number 344, 
							Republic No. CB-1250B
	Hose, Flexible, Rear	JB 21	X036J6020Z	Plymouth Cricket, 
							Part No. 71244109
	Caliper Repair Kit	JC 5	X036J6003Z	Girling SP2697
	Brake Shoe		JD 2	X036J6002Z	Triumph GT6 Rear
					A074J6044Z	Triumph GT6 Rear
	Cylinder Servicing Kit	JD 7	X046J6006Z	Girling SP2027/4


	Clutch Release Bearing	QA 6	A074Q6011Z	Cortina-Ford 3014E-7548-C
	Gearbox Assembly	FC	A074F6002W	Renault 
							(Some "Lotus Only" Parts)

	Gearbox Assembly
	13 mm dia Control Shaft	FD	A074F6003W	Renault (100%)
     	15 mm dia Control Shaft	FD      B074F6003W	Renault (100%)
	Gearbox Assembly	FE	A074F6019Z	Renault (100%)


	Control, Remote, L/H	BD 1	X036B6151W	MGB
	Control, Remote, R/H	BD 1	X036B6152W	MGB
	Pin			BD 2	A036B6257Z	MGB
	Flap			BD 2	A036B6256Z	MGB
	Switch, Indicators	HA 4	A036H6078Z	Spitfire
	Switch, Dip and Flasher	HA 5	X046M6183Z	Spitfire
	Switch, Dip and Flasher HA 5	A036H6075Z	Spitfire
	Switch, Dip and Flasher HA 5	A036H6076Z	Spitfire


	Escutcheon		HA 6	X036H06033Z	Spitfire

	Wiper Blade		MG 8	X074Q6O11Z	Standard 16 in.
	Fan Motor		KA 21	A036K00S0Z	Smiths 5761/05

	L/H 			BD 6	X036B6052W	MGB, Midget, Sprite
	External Door Handle
	R/H     		BD 6	X036B6053W	MGB, Midget, Sprite
	External Door Handle
	Gasket, 		BD 6	X036B6168Z	MGB, Midget, Sprite
	Door Handle, Small
	Gasket,			BD 6	X036B6164Z	MGB, Midget, Sprite
	Door Handle, Large

	 1976  Lotus/West


1. The front suspension uprights and hubs can be replaced with parts from the Triumph GT6 MKIII to enable the use of its larger 9-3/4 inch diameter brake discs and calipers.

2. For exhaust manifold gaskets, try VW.

3. Ignition key from 1969 Spitfire fits door, trunk key from same car fits bonnet and engine compartment locks.


1. Fuel pump - Pinto 1600?

2. Tai11ight lenses - appear the same as late E-Jags except Lotus has backup light lenses built in. Are lenses from another Jag?

3. It appears that all parts ending in "Z" are "outside" parts, but that not all "outside" parts end in "Z". True?


The 2rid, 3rd, and 4th characters of the part number indicate the Lotus model the part was first used on. The models are:

Europa--046, 054, 065, 074
Elan --026, 036, 045
Europa--075 (Special Federal)

Send all updates, corrections, and comments on Europa Twincam parts interchangibility to:

Merl Thurman
27 Derow Court
Sacramento, CA 95833