Source: Lotus West
Date: 1978
Title: Lotus Europa Service Hints
LW# 54MC096

I've seen a number of Lotus Europas with their front license plate mounted over the air intake screen for the radiator. Since a number of states require us to hang front tags, I thought there must be a better way. Well there is a rather simple and cheap and nice looking alternative to the screen. By carefully removing the left (driver side) front bumper nuts from inside the car and loosening the right side a bracket can be slid into the space. This will hold the plate in a position which will not restrict air flow and does not look bad.

For the optional second bracket it will be necessary to drill holes in the plate.
Have you tried to remove the plate that covers the front of the frame? There are three bolts, which hold it to the frame. The nuts are only crimped in place and can come loose. It this happens, drill the bolt head off and carefully bend the edge of the old nut from the bottom inward. Then the nut can be punched out. Bend it with a hammer and tool (screw driver, etc.). Now to replace the nut. You can use butterflies (not very nice since it loses parts when removed). A better solution is to insert a modified bolt through the access hole on the right and through the master cylinder hole on the driver side. A bolt is welded or attached with a nut and Locktight, and the assembly placed inside the frame. You then bolt the nuts in place from the bottom, using Never Seeze, etc.

WARNING YOUR ENGINE MAY BE FALLING OUT. If you have an early Twin Cam Europa, the motor mount braces, which connect to the engine, are thinner than the later units. The earlier units develop cracks and break up. Mine did. You should keep a careful eye on the braces for ANY cracks and if you find any, replace them at once. Unless you want your engine hanging on by the hoses only.
Has the tiny cycle battery in your TC Europa seen better days? You can fit a Sears DieHard if you wish. Number 4310, the smallest DieHard will just fit. You may have to remove the radiator hose and fill tank to get it in, but it will give a great increase in reserve power. I fitted it to my 72 TC Europa. The hold down rods are near the ends, but okay. It is wise to replace both battery cables rather than try to adapt the ends. If you feel like fabricating a bracket and two hold down brackets you can even fit the larger DieHard #4301. An 11 inch length of 1 inch by 1 inch angle such as aluminum is excellent. You'll also have to make two new " rods about 3/4" longer than the current ones. No matter which battery you use you should (even if the old one stays remove it) place an acrylic sheet under the battery because the acid eats the glassfiber plastic it rests on. It may even have holes now, mine did 2 years ago.

Dave Krivoshik, Elizabeth, NJ