Source: Lotus West
Author: Jim Fraser
LW# 54EL060

This deals with converting your red and orange side reflectors into lights. First, I removed the retaining rim, then peeled the foil backing off the reflector. Then with a sharp knife, I cut around the inside of the rubber mount leaving about a " border as follows:

Then finding the center of the assembly, drill or file a 5/8" hole through the body. Go to your local parts store and pick up four sockets used to light gauges. Insert them through the holes and bend two opposing prongs outward to retain them in position. This must be done since the body thickness is about 1/8" and the prong tension isn't sufficient enough to hold the socket in place. All that's left is to tie into the parking light circuit. Ensure to make a good solder connections and tape well to prevent moisture from reaching the solder joints.