Source: Lotus West
Author: Tom Edmunds
LW# 54BI056

Door sag on your Europa can be cured by tightening two adjusting nuts located at the door hinges. They are located behind and forward of the inside door panel, which must first be removed. These nuts are both at the top and bottom hinge points with the upper one almost completely obscured. These nuts are difficult (if not impossible) to reach with a conventional wrench (usually 1-1/8"). You need either a single end open-end wrench or a double-end wrench modified by cutting to a 6 or 7 inch length and removing excess metal around the Jaws. Adjustment is obtained by first holding the threaded bushing with vice-grips (Ugh! If you find out a better way without damaging the threads let us know) and tightening the adjusting nut. The hinge nut holds fast to an elongated hole, which allows for adjustment. When the nut becomes loose, the door sags. The door must be lifted to a properly centered position before tightening the nuts. As is often the case, use of Loctite is strongly recommended.