Can I lower this old girl?  It's mainly the front that I want to get down, the rear can stay where she is, just showing numbers as reference.
Looking at the attack angle of the car front to rear, the nose is too high

Center of front bumper at point  <  to floor,  16 inches
Center of rear bumper at point  >  to floor,    23 inches
Roof above windshield to floor,  41 inches +/-

I also want to redo the swaybar mounting, so don't bitch about it.
I know it ain't "C" and when I'm finished making the brackets, it will be even less "C".  Clamp the bar, heim joint to the lower shock mount.

Closing plate to floor, 5.0 inches
Lower a-arm pivot point. 5.5 inches
Swaybar droplink eye to floor, 3.5 inches
Pedal mounting plate behind frame T section, 3.5 inches

Front tire, wheelwell opening to floor,  22.5 inches

Behind front wheel, sill to floor.  3.5 inches


In front of rear wheel, sill to floor, 5.0 inches


Rear tire, wheelwell opening to floor, 20.5 inches


Lower links bracket, under transaxle to floor, 4.0 inches