Date: Fri Apr 23, 2010 2:46 pm
Subject: RE: Re: Ebay listing....JPS

This is what I know about the numbered editions.

I bought mine in 1993 or so from the original owner. Car had less than 7K
miles on it as I remember. It was car VIN 72112899R and it had been in
storage for about 13 years. Owner bought the car new in Buffalo, drove it
for a few years and then enlisted in either the Navy or Coast Guard. He kept
the car at his parents house and when he retired from the service, came back
home. He heard about me and called me about helping him evaluate the car as
he was selling the car and I told him it was worth between 4K to 10K
depending if the motor was frozen. All the exposed metal was covered by a
fine rust from being stored in an unheated garage for about 13 years. Car
had scratch marks on the top from the guy's dad pulling the snowblower off a
hook that was hanging right over the car. Otherwise the car as completely
original. I had no intention of buying it, as I did not need another
project. The owner and I got to talking about things icluding firearms and I
told him I had a 9(or was it 11) shot Smith and Wesson 9MM with complete
reloading kit that I was considering selling. We traded the Europa for the
gun stuff and cash. I just happen to push the right button. I had every
intent of going over the car, but at that time, one of my best friends and
head of the LOONYs at the time was dying of Luekemia and I just had had it
with projects. He was a Seven driver and I always wanted one so I did sell
the car a few months later as I had bought a new Caterham. I forgot which
commemorative number my car was. I sold the car to a Keith C in Newport
Beach CA, and I don't know if he is on this list. I know I have never ran
into him over the years. I don't know if he still has the car.

What I can tell you is that it had a circle plaque on the dash with the
number of the car. It also came with a JPS Jacket, JPS earrings and/or
cufflinks (can not remember). And a JPS lighter and cigarette case. This
was all original from the dealer. The original owner of the car said all
these things were given to him when he bought the car.

I am sorry I did not keep it.

Tony Vaccaro

LOONY (Lotus Owners of New York)

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I can confirm that the stickers were dealer installed. I saw a couple in his
desk drawer when I bought my car. Further confusing stuff is that the
delivery papers call my car a JPS even though it has an oatmeal interior. I
have always heard that they were all black. For me, it's pretty much "who
cares, really?"

Paul Harhen


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