From: robert.j.withum@v...
Date: Tue Aug 26, 2003 10:13am
Subject: '73 TCS Chassis
Greetings all- New to the Europa list but not to Europas, have had
3, 2671R, 3205R, 3238R. Currently I have a TCS chassis that has a
bent rear but the front is solid and straight. This could be provide
a good front 'T' section for someone who needs this portion. The
price is right, a 30 Pack of Bud Light. I'm located 15 min. north of
Boston if anyones interested. Does anyone remember Claudius, the
Europa sunroof guy? For the last 5 years I've been maintaining a '73
TCS that he used as his prototype for his sunroof install. This is a
strange car, the serial number is #2619, I think I have to verify
this, but it has a 336 4 spd./TC engine w/stromberg head and a plaque
on the drvrs door stating 'year of MFG does not denote year of
title'. The woman who owns this car bought it new in New Jersey
in '73 and drove it out to Calif., amazing, and Claudius kept the car
for 2 years while he developed his sunroof pkg. Regrettfully, the car
will never be for sale, the owner has promised to leave it to me in
her will. The only way she'll sell it is if I marry her, she realizes
the need for a good mechanic. My wife won't go for this though.